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  1. I have the same question as well. Different schools have different deadlines and I'm still waiting to hear from two programs but the deadlines of the other offers are coming up soon. I've already asked for an extension so I don't know how much I can stretch it further. If I accept and then get a better offer a few weeks later, is it acceptable to send an e-mail with an explanation?
  2. Oxford applicants

    I applied to two DPhil programs- Politics (Jan 6th) and Area Studies (Jan 20th). I already heard from Area Studies that they are moving my application to the March deadline so probably won't hear from them for a couple of more months. Last Friday marked 10 weeks for the Politics application but I still haven't heard anything from them :S Not sure what to make out of it. I asked for an extension for all the other offers I have at the moment but I don't have too much time. Hopefully this week there will be some news!!!
  3. Montréal, Canada

    I have just been accepted to McGill's PhD program and although I'm still waiting on other offers, I'm quite certain that I will end up in McGill. Looking into renting options etc. Where do people ususally look? Craigslist? Kijiji? Thanks
  4. I am soon heading towards that situation where I'm pretty sure I'm not getting into the PhD program in the city we live in and where my husband is halfway through this medical residency program. The best school for me is in the other end of the country. Trips will cost $800 or more and it has been a long time since I lived alone. We dated for 6 years and got married 3 years ago. In our 9 year relationship we did many long distances (maximum six months at a time). In the beginning it was hard because we had a lot of fights because of miscommunication and other issues on the phone. It's different when you have arguments in person. You hug the other person and it's all ok. The distance just seemed to make issues brew for longer although they would eventually get settled. We are both more mature now (we started dating when I was 19 and he was 20) and definitely know how to handle conflict well. At the end of the day, we are both ambitious individuals who have worked very hard to get to where we are. I left my country at 16 to pursue an education that brought me to 2 new continents. He applied to medical school 4 times until he finally got in. We understand that our joy comes from a sense of achievement which is important to both of us. Sometimes you have to make hard decisions and sacrifices for your dreams but in the end, you make those short term sacrifices to have long-term fulfillment in your lives. I know I would be bitter if I had to go forego doing a Phd just because I have to be in the same city as him. I can imagine how hard it must be for parents leaving their children. A huge part of what makes it hard is also the social pressure and the judgement coming from society. We have made tremendous accomplishments when it comes to gender parity but somehow women pursuing their academic aspirations when it involves being away from the family is still seen as selfish which is quite sad. Really unfortunate that women don't get the same kind of support when they need it the most because of course it is hard being away from your loved ones. It is just an intuition but I feel a lot of people who posted on this thread are women. So as a woman to others in this situation, let's be pioneers in changing that thinking and support each other. There is nothing we can't do if we put our minds to it and are supported by our partners and family.
  5. CGS Master's 2016-2017

    Just got an e-mail about status-change this morning and got the offer when I checked! I have accepted it. Good luck to everyone else on the alternate list!! I thought I wasn't going to get it but it happened so there's definitely hope for everyone.
  6. CGS Master's 2016-2017

    Thanks for the encouragement. Really hoping a definitive answer comes along soon because waiting until Jan 2017 seems too unbearable.
  7. CGS Master's 2016-2017

    I'm an alternate too Does anyone know if they send an e-mail out if your status changes from alternate to offered or if you have to keep checking on research portal? Still hopeful