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  1. I didn't get one either after I accepted the award and declared my fellowship status. I sent an email just to cover my bases, and my fellowship status still says "pending NSF approval." I will be taking the next year on reserve before taking tenure for the following three years.
  2. Hello! Another NSF GRFP awardee here. (E/E, E/E, E/E) I plan on taking my first year of the fellowship as reserve, since I still need to complete coursework and defend my dissertation proposal, and then will take the following three years of funding afterwards. For those thinking about taxes, I've been strongly encouraged to do an estimated tax payment at the start of each funded year to avoid having to do these big tax payments come April. Hope that helps!
  3. Hi all -- I'm starting my first TA position and my main role will be grading papers and blog posts by students. My discipline is the social sciences. I have never had to teach before and don't really know how to start on grading. Do you have any suggested resources/readings that helps explain how to approach this issue? I know students can be sensitive about their grades and just want to be fair and effective. thanks!
  4. Hi all -- So my husband and I (no kids) are starting our PhDs this fall and we are trying to make this work. My stipend is $27,500 before taxes and his is $18K. I think in some more affordable cities this might be possible, but we're starting our programs in Boston and when we looked for housing it was hard to find anything below $1800 a month that wasn't a studio. We opted for an apartment a bit farther out of the city but it still is $1850, which is a lot more than we would have liked to pay for our housing expenses. We're thinking we might keep our eyes out in case something cheap
  5. I couldn't agree more. I lived in JP a few years ago when I was working and was hoping to live there now, because it'll be so close to my program but have been totally dismayed by the costs. I put in a $2000 limit and all that comes up are studios and 1 bedrooms, hard to even get a two bedroom for my husband and I. Also, there's no longer an affordable grocery store - just Whole Foods and a pricey co-op. We'll be looking elsewhere I think ...
  6. I have been waiting for a while to hear back from my top choice (a social policy program). I've been admitted to three other PhD programs and one of them had a deadline of March 24th. I know that is unusual but it's a great program and that's how they choose to do things. I wrote to the top choice letting them know that I was going to be in town in mid March and I would love to stop by, and also that I had another offer that was requesting that I respond by late March and asking whether they might have any update by mid March or so on my application. I didn't receive any response fr
  7. Hey there -- I also applied to the Heller social policy program (along with two sociology programs and a gerontology program!) and *just* heard back that I'm a top candidate on their wait list and asking if I wanted to be considered for admission in April.
  8. Good luck, @Shay825. It is a big process but it sounds like you've got a lot of good pieces in place. Hope UMASS or Peace Corps work out for you this year!
  9. I couldn't agree more. I applied to a social policy PhD program in addition to the sociology programs, and no word at all. I emailed at the end of the month and was told I would hear no later than early March, but still no updates. I don't get it. Why wouldn't you at least tell people they are definitely out, or on a waitlist? At this point, most people who have gotten in somewhere are starting to lock up decisions, even if it's not with the first choice, if they don't hear anything.
  10. My current boss got her PhD from Vanderbilt Sociology and she loved it as well! I didn't apply (really don't want to be far from family and friends) but I hope everyone who wants a spot gets a spot.
  11. I think it would be okay to reach out to your top choice school. How you communicate your message matters a lot, being pushy will work against you but being polite, apologetic, and reasonable is probably just fine. You could politely explain to them that you've been admitted to another program that has asked for a response this week and while you understand completely that they may not have any new information to provide you with, they are your top choice and you thought you would check in just in case there was already a response on your application. They are likely very reasonable people
  12. Yes, I've seen this situation mentioned on a few boards - though not that the school was asking quite so openly about what other programs you are considering. It is, as mentioned above, often followed by an offer of admission/funding, if you're still a possible candidate. If you like the school I'd respond that you're definitely interested in their program and would like to continue to be in touch with them about their process. One program I was admitted to asked me in my acceptance letter what my top financial offer so far was and that they'd like to try and meet that offer, so I think it'
  13. Nice! I'm glad to have finally found someone else in the application cycle. It's such a strong program... good luck!
  14. Hey all -- Has anyone on here applied to the Brandeis Social Policy PhD program, in the Heller School? I've asked in a couple different parts of the forum but so far no buddies...
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