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  1. Hey all, I was just accepted off the waitlist with funding. I sent my deposit to Montclair, which is the in-state school and cheaper, but I wanted to get some more information about the program from you guys. Did you visit? What made you choose Syracuse over the other schools?
  2. Hey, thanks for making this! I actually just got off the waitlist for Syracuse and received a funding offer for 12 credits there. I dont know what to choose. I sent my deposit to Montclair, but I'm realy torn. I don't have time to visit the Syracuse campus. Will it make a huge difference in terms of job hunting? I'd feel terrible having my family paying more if it won't really matter. I have 4 days to decide and I'm agonizing over it
  3. I actually got back from the accepted student tour today (not sure if I met anyone from here lol, but if I did, hey there ).. I haven't sent my deposit in yet, but I probably will on Monday. I completely forgot to do it while at the campus. I checked the online portal, but nothing there has changed for me at all, so I'm not sure where to look for more info. I'm going to e-mail them regarding prerequisites I'm currently taking, so I'll ask about the next steps as well and let everyone know what I hear back. On a different note, a lot of people said they'd be commuting to the program, and only like 4 people had to move by the campus. I live about 1.5 hours away, give or take depending on traffic, but I'm not too familiar with the area. Does anyone happen to know reasonably priced housing that will take large dogs (65lbs+)? Commuting just won't be an option if classes are 4-5x a week, and neither is leaving my dog behind. I've been looking around online at a few places, but I was just curious if anyone knew off the top of their heads?
  4. I actually have no idea how either. I could have sworn earlier that I did see a page in the results section, but I don't see it anymore. I've been crazy busy so I haven't had time to check between then and now. I tried to search on FB, but didn't get any results. If there is a page, it would be great to have someone post a link here if possible. Or if someone is planning to make one, feel free to add me And I'm looking forward to meeting you guys during the tour!
  5. Hey guys! Chances are I'll be making a deposit and attending, unless I get off the waitlist for my other schools. Is there a facebook group for Montclair yet? And is anyone attending the April 1st open house? I was abroad for the first one. Let me know if you'd like to meet up if you're going to that one It'd be great to know people in the program before it starts.
  6. I got rejected to PSU not even wait listed. Thankfully I'm handling it much better than I thought thanks to jet lag. I think if I didn't hear from Montclair before getting this rejection, I'd be devastated. I'm mainly crushed that I'll be stuck in NJ another 2-3 years, but at least then I can move away from the east coast, and start my career in a place I feel better suited for. Best of luck to everyone on the wait list. I really hope you all get a spot in the program!
  7. I actually can't check my portal very easily, as I'm abroad right now. I actually got an email saying it was an early notification, and that a letter would arrive soon. My friend also got one. Thank you so much everyone for the kind words and encouragement. I was really about to lose hope of getting in, checked my emails while I was half asleep on the train, and saw the acceptance. I legit asked my friends multiple times if I was awake haha!
  8. I just got my first acceptance from Montclair!!!!
  9. Wait-listed to 3 programs, rejected to 4 or 5/12. I haven't gotten the rejection from Queens officially, but no interview makes it expected. Things look grim.
  10. Thanks! 8/12 schools, still not a single acceptance. I'm wait listed for 3 so far :/
  11. Thank you! I don't think I'll know until April 15th, but I sincerely hope I do get offered a spot. I'm still waiting to hear back, and Portland State is my other top choice, so I'm hoping there's an acceptance there at least... I just need one yes
  12. Oh, I think I wanted to take voice and resonance but it was full And I haven't but I know my friends who got acceptances had less pre-reqs done than me. So I really think maybe it was the lack of research.
  13. Same, got a mini heart attack from seeing the e-mail
  14. Well, I actually had an issue with my application so things got confusing. I'm waitlisted for their on-campus program currently, but during the application, they thought I started an online app, so by the time it got sorted out, I didn't have enough time to write a strong SOP or really put in the amount of effort I would have wanted to on the app. I wish I did though, because so far I'm doing pretty well with the courses. Out of curiousity, are you taking 353 or 352? I'm in those currently, so idk if you're in the same classes as me by chance.
  15. Then in all honesty, I have no idea why math scores are so important when looking at applicants. No idea
  16. We have to do calculations to get scores and analysis information for patients. I get why math is important, and it's not my strongest subject by any means, but I have prerequisite CSD courses done that have tested me on calculating patient scores and working with numerical data, and I have A's in all of them. I just wish I could sit and explain that I commuted 3 hours daily and worked part time during my undergrad, and couldnt take research positions because my semesters were 18-20 credits each I'm lacking extra curriculars during my undergrad because I spent 3 hours daily in traffic, and the rest of my time hurrying through assignments to get them done on time. I thought I got good experiences added to my resume during my year out of college, but I guess it's not enough. Meanwhile, every time I read a textbook talking about assessing patients or working with them to develop a treatment plan, I can't see myself doing anything else. It's heartbreaking. I imagine myself working in a clinic and going through the process, and I pour myself into my studies. But that doesn't carry over when they look at grades from when I was 18-19 or GRE scores. Or even in a 500 word essay, where they ask you questions that leave very little room to describe those experiences. I don't know, I think if I don't get in, I have one more year in me to try, but if next year fails, I really don't want to go through this process again. It's just too depressing
  17. @Arcanelady27 @ToshaSLP thanks guys. I really am happy for my friends. I just wish I had a reason to celebrate with them Syracuse told me my math GRE score was low. It was my second time taking the exam, and I only got 1 point higher, but my writing went up by 1.5. I can hope I get taken off the list, but it's my second year on it, so it just feels rough
  18. Rejected to 4, wait listed for 2, and I don't have high hopes for the other 6. This is my second year applying, and I'm seeing my friends on fb celebrate their acceptances
  19. Thanks. I think I'd rather not be too hopeful. At least then I'd be pleasantly surprised instead of disappointed At least the good news is the wait is over either way in a week or two.
  20. Syracuse was one of my top 2. I'd be happy to get off either waitlist, but I don't feel so hopeful right now. But yes, the wait is almost done at least.
  21. I'm sorry I got wait-listed today and I thought this school was my best shot, so I can totally sympathize with the bad news. I hope you get some good news from your other programs soon though!
  22. I've never seen this kind of thing before. I know Kean does this in lieu of an essay, but I didn't see a video survey until now lol. I would say focus on looking comfortable in front of the camera, and knowing what you want to say and rehearsing that so it sounds natural and you know how much time it would probably take you to record, so you don't feel rushed. And smile a lot because appearing friendly and easy going definitely can't hurt. Best of luck!
  23. Really though. I need to start looking up schools no one has heard of, because I swear I'm getting into a program next year, even if the campus is in the middle of a swamp. I just really don't want to do this process again :(.... I don't think I'm getting into the NJ schools, and given how much interest I saw here about Adelphi, I'm assuming the competition there beat me. Soooo yeah. Guess I'll be looking for full time work in the meanwhile.
  24. Yup, got the rejection. At least I didn't have anything fun planned tonight. I'd rather be disappointed studying than disappointed while hanging out with friends.
  25. I really hope so. I'm still checking for e-mails for MGH. I think last year they sent them out at 6pm to check the portal. Might as well get the bad news done with in one sitting, and console myself over nutella and a cinnamon bun.
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