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  1. WOW.....congrats on MARYLAND......i tried at MICA for MFA but didnt got in...will try next year again....any tips for portfolio? would really help me! Thanx and congrats again !
  2. Can anyone tell me about Boston University for Graphic Design...I am waiting for their decision ....!
  3. oh god.....I have applied for 2yr RISD graphic Design....I didnt got any emails yet !
  4. I had my Skype interview with MICA.......I looked in the camera most of the times.....it makes it more comfortable for the interviewer...for them you are talking with them looking in their eye...makes them trust you more!
  5. Can anyone give me any tips for MICA's interview? I am really nervous and i don't know what they ask...any ideas...anything is welcomed!
  6. Wow...congrats on your interview in RISD.....what did they ask you in the interview? I am up for MICA's interview today...any tips?
  7. can anyone tell me how is BOSTON UNI for Masters in Graphic Design ?
  8. I have MICA interview tomorrow through skype.....can some one give me any tips ?
  9. I have applied for two programs in MICA post-baccalaureate in graphic design and MFA in the same....I just got accepted for an interview session for the post bacc program. I havnt heard about the MFA yet. Plus i want to apply yo Boston University for MFA graphic. Any tip for my interview and any thoughts abt BU?
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