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  1. Hi, would I be able to get into a graduate program for biomedical engineering with a degree in computer engineering? would it be better to get a degree in electrical engineering? I think I would like computer engineering better than electrical. Also the compE program at my school seems to lean heavily towards the CS side of the spectrum. only 2 EE classes and a software engineering class, the rest is the same as the CS curriculum. I want to major in computer engineering but I'm worried I wont learn enough about EE to be a good biomedical engineer. what should I do? I havnt done any BME research yet so I don't know what my research interests are for sure, but Neuroengineering seems interesting. I have to make the decision whether to major in CompE or EE within the next few days and the advisor told me once I decide I cant change again because I have to many credits already Thank You
  2. tdby560

    Joint MS/PhD programs?

    Hi, I was wondering what are the advantages and disadvantages are between doing a joint MS/phd program, getting an ms and phd separately, and going straight for a phd without getting an ms? If the field matters I'm thinking of studying biomedical engineering.
  3. Hi, I am an electrical engineering major in my junior year. I want to get into a phd program for biomedical engineering. The school that I'm at only has a masters program for biomedical engineering and it is very small. one professor listed systems biology as a research interest but that was it. I want to specialize in neuroengineering. Would it be better for me to see if this professor is doing any biomedical research and if not, do electrical engineering research? or would it be better to go over to the college of science and find a professor doing neuroscience research? Thank You
  4. Hi, I am a junior at Florida Atlantic University majoring in electrical engineering, I want to get into a phd program for biomedical engineering. I am worried that FAU is not a good enough school and that I wont get accepted into a good phd program. I'm wondering if I should try and switch to a school like University of Florida, not talking about the Ivy Leagues, just a better school. My GPA is 3.77/4.00 and ive been involve in ASCE (I used to be a CivE major) and am being inducted into the Tau Beta Pi honors society Idk if it matters but I'm a florida resident, I pay in-state tuition Does anyone think it would be a good idea to try and switch? assuming I could get in? or will the phd programs not care that much what school I went to? Thank you for your answers

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