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  1. Thanks for posting this. If your read the post, the workaround above doesn't hold. There's one person (dccp) who could see the Michael Smith Foreign Supplement and didn't get the Award/Scholarship and one (checkeredBlanket) who could not see it and actually got the award. So try to relax people and good luck!
  2. I haven't heard back and (I think) nobody from my department yet (I am in the Toronto area). I guess we should receive the letter any day in the next two weeks but most likely closer to the end of the month.
  3. I thought that they mail the SSHRC results on April 1st so we should see them soon. Anyway, I guess we'll see, I was just hoping that I'll get the results this week.
  4. The only way to find out is through receiving regular mail, no? In that case it'll take a few days..
  5. It really depends on the student. The department doesn't provide any help other than a year-long course for writing the MRP, which is kind of useless since everyone has a different topic. Having that said, professors are willing to work with you and guide you if you go to their office (even if you don't take any course with them). This is also a great way to build some connections with profs and have a stronger PhD application if that's something you'd consider.
  6. @Pahi experiences really depend on the subfield, supervisor, and personality of each student (some say that gender also matters). I've heard everything from terrible to amazing. I know that doesn't help much so I would suggest to find PhD students who work/have worked with your potential supervisor and ask about their experiences.
  7. @Pahi I'm on the same position. I'll probably accept but it doesn't feel very effective (academically speaking) to spend so mush of our time worrying about money and applying to any possible scholarship. Unfortunately this is how it works at UofT and that is why their average completion is at 7 years. It's kind of crazy if you think that their standard package is below the poverty line (20k for Toronto). Many students end up taking more TA and RAships but they don't have time to take the courses they need/want or do their research. It's a great program though and provides great opportunities t
  8. I would be surprised if you find one for UofT (either CAD or US) but if you do please share. I did my MA there and remember them admitting that this is an area they need/want to improve. And it is one of the reasons I would prefer UBC, which has the best record in Canada.
  9. I disagree, mostly because of UBC and McGill. I don't know of any list but I do know that UofT doesn't have a great record - at least compared to similar institutions. It was ranked #12 in the QS world rankings but is definitely not as good in terms of that. I think one of the issues is the large size of each cohort and the fact that the average time for completing the program is 7 years! That means that there are way too many students to help in terms of employment when, at the same time, I think the department doesn't help that much anyway. UBC and McGill have a better record within Canada a
  10. Congrats to those accepted to UofT! Claiming the other UofT offer (details coming tomorrow). Still on the wait-list at UBC, I received another email saying they would be 'delighted' to have me if there is an opening and will let me know as soon as/if they have some news. The deadline for those accepted is March 15 so we'll see soon. I haven't found anyone in the forum who is planning to decline so I'm not sure what to expect.
  11. @Pahi sorry to hear that. You've been accepted to great schools though! Good luck with the rest of your applications.
  12. @Pahi I would suggest to contact them and ask. The email came from the Graduate Program Assistant so you might try her. I understand your frustration, I had a case where I put all the work you said and even visited the professor to meet in person only to find out that all correspondence was with his assistant and the professor was actually not interested. Anyway, finding a professor to work with is probably the trickiest part. Good luck with the remaining applications!
  13. @existential cowboi This is frustrating indeed! I guess at this point it really depends on whether some students with similar interests with us will decline. It would be nice to know how many of us are on the waitlist so we know if it is pragmatic to expect some good news. The funding package is much better at UBC than at UofT and I would prefer to go there.
  14. @existential cowboi congrats for the acceptances! I don't think they ever give a reason but the weird thing is that they didn't even say how long the waitlist is or in which place I am. Did they give you any details? Also, do you mind sharing the funding details of Mc?
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