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  1. Had my interview with CSUEB yday and Im not sure how to feel about it.. Anyone else have an interview with them?
  2. Someone should start a facebook group for UoP so we can get familiar with the ppl in our cohort before school starts! =) has anyone here been accepted to CSU east bay yet? Ive only seen rejections and waitlists on the results page
  3. Did you get accepted? I hope to hear from them soon!
  4. Has anyone not heard from east bay yet =( i just want to know if it's an acceptance or rejection
  5. Has anyone not heard from east bay yet =( i just want to know if it's an acceptance or rejection..
  6. Wont be attending open house but will probably be accepting! Man is it expensive though! What about you guys?
  7. Hey guys =) if any of you have been waitlisted to Fresno State or Chico State (California schools), I'll be declining both. Hope that helps some of you out!
  8. @EESpeechie @sesame_mochi CONGRATS =)!!! i got in too!
  9. @sesame_mochi @EESpeechie I hope we get in!! the suspense is killing me! Congrats to you two for your other acceptances though =)! @sesame_mochi do you mind sharing your stats with me? I was thinking about applying to Boulder as well but I was afraid my stats weren't high enough
  10. I just checked the UoP graduate application checker and it says "decision made". does anyone else's status say that too? I'm freaking out ... i'm so scared that this is going to be a rejection :/
  11. I hope UoP sends out their decisions earlier.. I wonder why their decisions are coming later this year. for the ppl who applied to UoP, did you apply as an in-field or out of field applicant? And do they put them all in the same pool?
  12. I started a thread for 2016 CA SLP applicants! Seeing that acceptances and rejections are coming out soon, we should all support each other throughout this stressful process!!
  13. I guess you're right, it's just daunting see how much experience other applicants have! WOW! You have applied to quite a few schools and your stats are amazing, I have no doubt that you will get into many SLP programs =)!
  14. Hi everyone! I see that there are a bunch of SLP forums for applicants from other states but none for California applicants, therefore I decided to start one for all of us applying to schools in CA! For myself personally, I am applying to CSUS, CSUEB, UoP, SJSU and CSULA. My GPA is pretty high but I am extremely concerned about my low GRE score and lack of experience in the field. I have not heard back from any of the schools yet but I am hoping to hear back from them soon! Feel free to comment on which schools you have applied to, your stats and any questions or concerns =).
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