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  1. I've recently been 'provisionally admitted' to UCSD in an engineering field PhD, as in admitted but not funded yet. I contacted the department graduate coordinator for information on funding several times, only to be told to 'wait until early April for fellowship disbursements.' Last time I heard, they were still working on fellowship disbursements and were hoping to be done this week. Now that it's Friday, and April 15th being just around the corner, I'm getting extremely nervous. Although its a provisional admission, I do have to accept or deny the offer until April 15th. This is my only admission, and I really want to go! With funding of course! Does anyone have any information on whether I have an actual chance of getting funded? Thanks! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Undergrad GPA: 3.47, TOEFL: 117, GRE: 158(V)/170(Q)/4.0(AW), 1 SCI publication as co-author, 1 year research experience
  2. Thanks everyone! It really makes me feel better being told that I probably would get funded in some way. I guess I'll have to wait patiently (again) for a decision.
  3. I've recently been admitted to UCSD for a PhD in an engineering major, Fall 2016. International, but US citizen. No mention of financial support in the congrats e-mail. When asked, they said funding decisions are made at the end of March. Rumors are, schools in CA are sparing in funding? Anyone have any information on what chances I have of actually getting funded? Definitely can't afford school & life in La Jolla on my own.
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