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  1. You guys still haven't heard back really??
  2. Hey Dont worry. I am sure you will get the offer if they told you you are being recommended. Nobody fails to receive one I think. It is just the matter of time.
  3. any of you guys heard back yet? I got my offer on Monday, so I hope you guys get it by today.
  4. Hi, I just got that yesterday. Iris mentioned they will be out within a week time. So, I think they will be out by this week for sure.
  5. I think it is not the program itself but Mac's grad department.I browsed through other forum threads and it seems like Mac generally has slower admission cycle I think.
  6. Great!!! At least a piece of good news here for everyone. Thank you @Riya11 for the updates hopefully it does as it says!
  7. Same here. I dropped an email but got no reply. I guess we can only wait for the moment. Lets update each other here if we get anything in the mail.
  8. I don't think full time is possible too, but part-time might still be manageable. I have the same question too. I will be doing the course based program, some financial support from part time job will be a way to self sustain living expenses etc By the way, have you heard back from U of T yet? I know people are still waiting to hear back.
  9. I am still waiting.... My interview was a week after you guys and maybe that explains the delay. I think it will be beneficial to start those computer science courses going, so we do not need to worry about it when the program starts.
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