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  1. Hi. I am unable to accept the offer for McMaster through Mosaic. The link provided with my admission letter just continues to load. When I sign in on my application directly using my email address on Mosaic, it shows my application status as "submitted". Am I missing something? What did you guys see when you used the link provided with the official letter email?
  2. I asked about the courses in my interview and the response I got made it seem like it won't affect the admissions but they highly recommend us to take those courses to have a general background. I was told that I wont really need the courses until the winter semester but it would benefit me if I take it before the start of the program in September. I was wondering if anyone is planning to work full-time while being in the program. In terms of the intensity of the program, is it possible to manage the coursework with a job?
  3. Hey it says on the website that "Students accepted into the course-based option are offered a $3000 graduate scholarship each year." Does anybody know if there is a procedure in place to apply for it? Is it need based or on merit? I think I misspoke earlier. I still haven't recieved an official acceptance letter from Mac, just an email saying they will be recommending me.
  4. I just got my acceptance from Mac. I was honestly a bit surprised that UofT didn't call me for at least an interview. I called them and I was told that my application was not looked at because I applied as an international student. I wish they had mentioned somewhere that local students will get preference over international students. I received my Permanent Residence status in Canada a month ago. I could have informed them of this earlier. Now I am being told that most of the offers have already been made and there is not much space left in the program. The admin assistant said she will infor
  5. Hey I just joined this forum. Saw some people have heard back from UofT - do you mind sharing your credentials? I have applied to both Mac and UofT but I am really interested in UofT. My cGPA is 3.25 and last two years 3.50-3.53. Don't have any experience in HI except for using HI softwares for work. Some research experience. What do you think are my chances? Someone should make a spreadsheet keeping track of programs applied, credentials and dates of correspondence.
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