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  1. I'm not positive about other semesters, but this is my first, and I am taking 14 credit hours (4 classes, 3 which are 3 hours each, one which is 2, then 3 hours for practicum). This summer, I'm taking 2 classes and practicum (9 hours total). I hope this helps a little bit!
  2. I think it would be best to discuss this with Dr. Stillman (our head of program, https://www.utdallas.edu/bbs/degrees/comd/), or with the financial aid office! I'm sure it's different for everyone depending on student needs. Since we don't have housing on our main campus at Callier Dallas, I would say you'd also have to speak to someone in at UT Dallas Richardson about an RA position.
  3. I am an in-state student, sorry! This may help you (although I'm not sure how accurate it is) - https://www.utdallas.edu/finaid/calculator/
  4. Yes, send your official transcripts once you've been accepted, and a resume isn't required! I just sent one anyway in case it would help my application, but I don't even know if they looked at it.
  5. I did! They don't require them, but I sent mine anyway - I had a lower GPA so wanted to explain all of my experience in more detail.
  6. I had a low GPA as well - all of the schools I talked to when I applied said I needed a high GRE to counter this. I'd contact the schools you are interested and see if you can get a ballpark GRE number you need to offset your GPA. So I agree with the other posters, you need to retake the GRE and study, very hard.
  7. @missmae, I sent you a private message! Most emails for program directors are on their program website, I just contacted them directly and asked if they allowed visits to the program!
  8. I got in on the second round after being rejected by way too many schools - I think the difference for me was a much higher GRE score (Magoosh was a life saver), as I needed a high GRE score to cancel out my low overall GPA. I also think reaching out to the schools personally helped... I visited program directors in person, or when I was applying to a school out of my state, I emailed various people in the department who worked there and let them know how much I wanted to attend their school, and why that school interested me in particular.
  9. Hi, lindsay359! I sent my resume and transcripts to the following address: COMD Program UT Dallas/Callier Center 1966 Inwood Rd. Dallas, TX 75235
  10. I was an out of field applicant (linguistics and computer science), and as far as experience, I emailed a few local hospitals and rehabilitation facilities to see if I could shadow/observe. Some already have graduate students that they are busy with during the school year, so I offered to shadow over my winter break, which they approved. This is (as far as I can remember), the e-mail that I sent: "Good morning, ___: I am a senior at ___, and beginning to apply to Speech Pathology graduate programs. The majority of these programs suggest that you fulfill some or all of your observation hours (25 hours total) before you begin graduate classes. I noticed that ___ allows student observation, and I was wondering if you allow undergraduate students to participate in these observations and if I could complete them when I come to Houston in January." I also worked as as a research assistant in multiple labs on campus (that weren't necessarily related to my major). One worked with children, and one mapped brain images. I was able to say how these related to my future career in my statement of purpose. If your university offers research opportunities, I'd look into that!
  11. Was just accepted this week for the Spring semester! If anyone is looking for a roommate come January, let me know!
  12. My undergrad was linguistics (minored in computer science), and I was just accepted to my dream school. As long as you have high grades in your major (since a lot of the classes, at least at my undergrad, are very similar to CSD courses), I think you're okay!
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