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  1. Greetings all! I am preparing to take the GRE in August, and I have read several tips from people with 325+ scores saying that study groups work really well. I was wondering if there are any other preppers in the Triangle area that wanted to get together for a study group. If you are interested please reply, then we can start a whatsapp group and schedule our first meetup. Thank you for your time!
  2. I am a current Teach for America corps member and I considered vista before accepting my offer from TFA. I can tell you that you will not regret doing a year or two of work with AmeriCorps. It is an incredible experience and even when you are done with your education and begin working on the policy side of your area of interest, you will probably never feel as involved in the process as when you are working in VISTA. Not to mention that your GRE/GMAT scores will still be good by the time youre done. VISTA will only help with your eventual admittance into grad school. Like you said, you wi
  3. I went to a small undergrad in West Virginia and am planning to apply to some MPA/MPP programs in my new home state of North Carolina. I have been considering it for a while and I think I am also going to explore the possibility of going to school in Ireland/UK or Australia as well. My biggest question right now is how early should I start my application process? On the American academic schedule I will be applying for admission for the fall 2017 semester.
  4. Thanks so much @candrew14 And this was for the full-time on campus MPA? I've also heard that there is a significant in-state bias, any truth to that? I'm just beginning my grad school app process so I don't know much, but 25 seems like a REALLY small cohort. Good luck with the rest of your third year!
  5. The online MPA@UNC would be a pretty good bet for admittance, but you will get charged the out of state rate. NC State also offers an MPA program, so there are options other than unaccredited schools. I think you could definitely get into some top 100 programs. You know your numbers aren't great, but you have a high AWA and 4 years of relevant experience. You will not be the worst applicant in any MPA program you apply to. hope this helps
  6. It is a great start (and certainly feels like the natural matriculation) but I know that many Ph.D PP programs require one year of intense economic theory and one year of calculus. I don't know if those will be built into your MPA, but if not, some school offer provisional acceptance without the econ/calc and then you can enroll up to 12 months later once you have completed those requirements. This is the same route I am planning on taking and the MPA I am looking at doesn't include those requirements. Hope this helps.
  7. Greetings! I am posting basically for the same reason everyone else is, I am worried I wont get into my top choice school. Undergraduate: Double major in National Secuirty/Intelligence and Political Science at a small D2 school in West Virginia. Graduated early with a 3.9 GPA. Was a research fellow with the State Legislature, was student body president, did a few short terms trips abroad with the school, wrote for the school paper, tutored for ESL, and some other stuff that not that remarkable Work Experience: I am currently a Teach for America corps member based in rural North Carol
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