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  1. So what about the possibility that they notified AP, CP, and theory so far and DGP is currently having a break?
  2. To talk about something else: Any idea when we are expecting Columbia, MIT, and Stanford? End of next week? Also what does it mean if it says on the applicant page for Stanford that I can order original documents from the universities from which Ive sent them transcripts?
  3. So is an unchanged status positive or negative? All these unanswered questions
  4. Well, I wanted to publish the data and reap the citations as well as use it for other projects. Now Ive to wait for them.
  5. How should I feel when I get to know that another group of scholars has nearly completed a dataset on which Ive been working on for the last 4 weeks? Should I be cheerful that I got to know it before I spend another 60 hours on it or should I feel as sad as I am now? I hope that I do not get a rejection today as well. Bad signs...
  6. Is there any time during the day during which responses can be expected?
  7. Why would there be actually fewer comparativists applying this year?
  8. I applied for IR, mainly. Conflict studies is somewhat in between and I am more interested in conflict dynamics and less in onset covariates and such so I figured that IR may be closer.
  9. I asked this earlier but got swamped: Shouldn't we hear from PSU later today or early next week judging from last year?
  10. Congrats to all admissions. Does anyone know whether PennState will update the online profile once a decision has been made? They wrote that they would send out letters but given that I am an international student that may take more time than I am willing to wait.
  11. I only meant that it may be comparatively easier to get a TT job at a non-top university in your home country with a US top-10 PhD than at a comparable non-top US university, because the value of the degree and the competition may be different. No idea whether this is actually true but I can imagine it.
  12. So which programs are we expecting this week? PennState on Friday or only early next week?
  13. Of course, competition is fierce everywhere, but I'd say that a US PhD can put you above the pack with regard to others who don't have one and if you are willing to lower your standards by a bit you will hopefully find a job where you can work on your research and be paid well.
  14. Ive to say that sounds foremost interesting as I always assumed that the methodological training would be better at the undergraduate level in the US and second encouraging as this part will pose less of a hassle as the Econ courses that I am currently taking are quite intense in that regard. Thanks for the roundup.
  15. I didn't intend to debate the truth of the original post. I frequent PSR (for some self-loathing reason) and EJMR (which is a bit better) and the situation seems to be bad anywhere. But as I said, I don't think that going to graduate school is the worst decision possible if one likes the work and is flexible with regard to the final international location and sector afterwards.
  16. I've no idea whether this is actually true, but isn't this risk somewhat alleviated if you are an international and capable of working either in your home country or another of which you are speaking the language? From my limited observation, it seems that degrees from internationally recognized US universities also carry their prestige benefit elsewhere and if one is less concerned about getting a job at the best possible R1 in the US and willing to take a potential pay cut, the situation may not be completely dire. The latter should probably also be true for US nationals. At the end, if one
  17. Same here practically. Given I changed some things here and there but Ive mostly been fine even though I checked my inbox quite frequently after those fake princeton acceptances came up.
  18. I suppose they analyze your Gradcafe posts and take the inverse of your carefully evaluated desperation level. :/
  19. You can have a look at the "Begabtenförderungswerke" and see whether the application period hasn't yet passed. They are basically party-based foundations that offer scholarships for students based on performance and political orientation. Some of them offer scholarships for foreigners and partially also interest-free loans. At least mine (Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung) does.
  20. You mean whether you can earn 8000€ + 6*700-900€ per semester? I would argue that this is hardly possible. That is about 12200-13400€ per semester or 2000€+ per month. Sorry to be so frank, but I dont think that this is really doable and I would argue that this would even be the case if you were to get a RA position or something like that. It's probably hard to even get a job if you dont speak German.
  21. As a German who lived in Berlin most of his life I would first ask how much you have to pay in tuition? Other than that I would say that you can survive on 700-900€ in Berlin depending on the quality of life you aspire to have? Even though the average rent is increasing as long as you are willing to make use of the public transport system there should be a number of places where rent is comparatively cheap. Also note that food and the like a arguably dirt cheap in Germany anywhere.
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