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  1. After I got my “under review” email, I got my invite about 1.5 weeks after
  2. How quickly did they get back to you on confirming your interview date?
  3. Omg you’re right I was getting confused with all the different due dates I had ??? but I definitely turned it in the week of the due date
  4. The interviews go until mid March so there’s definitely still time left!
  5. Hey! I submitted my emory app the week it was due and heard back today!
  6. Omg congrats!!!! I JUST got my application update from them this week so I’m still holding on to hope.
  7. Ah! Anyone else hear anything? I've been refreshing non-stop for the past 30 minutes hahah
  8. Just got my rejection from UT yesterday Still waiting on 3 other schools...the wait is literally killing me!!! Keep your head up everyone. Congrats to all those who have already interviewed/have them lined up. It aint over till its over.
  9. Hey guys!! Super excited to start applying! And I'm really glad someone started this forum up early because I'm already freaking out. First time applying so I'm really hoping for the best. GPA: 3.13 (Definitely my weakest point) in Public Health. I'm taking Genetics now and will be taking Biochem in the Spring so I'm hoping the grades will bump me up by any margin. One of my letters of rec will be coming from a professor that I had two classes with plus TA'd for and worked really closely with. Shadowing: I've been shadowing cancer GCs since last September. Hoping to ask the mana
  10. Thank you for the reply! I do plan on working for a few years before returning for my DrPH, ideally in a clinical community setting. I know a lot of DrPH programs require a prior MPH but it's good to hear that a many students have non-MPH, relevant masters w/ work experience.
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