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  1. Anyone heard from RISD 3yr GD? Also, does anyone have an idea about the acceptance rate for the 3yr GD?
  2. I've applied to RISD's 3yr GD and I'm so anxious!! I saw that someone got an interview request and I'm freaking out even more. Already got rejected by two amazing schools for 3yr GD
  3. HELP!!! Im finishing my bachelors in something completely unrelated to graphic design but now i really really really want to do graphic design. I have 0 experience in it apart from a few posters/invites i designed for my college department. I really want to learn graphic design from scratch and feel that the best way i can learn is to go to school for it. I have a few options: OPTIONS: 3 year MFA in Graphic Design (schools like RISD, CalArts, CCA) Post-Bacc at MICA 2 year MS in Communication Design at Pratt 2 year Associate's Degree(AAS) in Graphic Design at
  4. Hi, I'm currently in the third and final year of my Bachelor's Degree in something totally unrelated to Graphic Design, in India. I don't want to do anything related to my Bachelors in the future and want to do something related to Graphic Design/Illustration after I graduate. I've always been into art and design since a child and I was seriously considering Graphic Design in school. I even got accepted at an Art School with a Foundation year but I chose to stay in India as I got into one of the best colleges in Liberal Arts here. Even now, I find myself doodling in class all the time, ha
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