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  1. Hi there, This isn't exactly what you asked for, but I thought I would throw my info in too! I have an overall GPA of 3.83, as well as a cGPA of 3.83. Despite my relatively good GPA, I was rejected at both Western and UofT (accepted at McMaster though!!). I have no reason to believe that my reference letters were bad, but I did only have about 40 volunteer hours with an SLP. So, while grades are important for sure, there are people who were accepted with lower GPA than me, but who had fantastic volunteer experience. So in addition to a good GPA, definitely make sure you are submitting a well-rounded application! Good luck with your application next year!
  2. I am also a first time applicant, and I've been scrolling through SLP forum posts for over a year! I got accepted to McMaster, rejected by Western and haven't hear yet from UofT(which I'm guessing isn't good!) So, my decision should be pretty easy! Anyone else going to Mac, feel free to message me. Congrats to all who we're accepted, you have worked hard and you deserve this!
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