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  1. I appreciate any feedback on the different SLP programs and feel it's important to do your own research on each school! I find most people on this forum very helpful. If you look through the 2019 and 2020 SLP threads, maybe try to reach out to someone you see got accepted to and attends the school you are most interested in. It's nice to hear various perspectives and opinions.
  2. Everyone has great stats, you should all be proud as the application process is hard enough! Degree: Bachelor of applied science in psychology ORPAS sGPA: 3.86 Experience/Volunteering: Unfortunately little SLP related experience due to COVID, but am a French tutor, cross-cultural mentor for ESL students, helped with creating and volunteering for a yearly fair event for World Autism Awareness Day, volunteered at a gym to partner with a man with autism to support them through their workout, taught cooking classes to adults with traumatic brain injuries, facilitated conversation g
  3. Hey I am not sure what this means but I would use SAM to ask. I hope everything works out, I'm sure it will!
  4. Hi there! I believe your references will fill out the form that ORPAS sends them, then ORPAS sends the completed reference forms to each University that needs them. Although, in your case, McMaster doesn't require references, so ORPAS will only send the completed forms to Western. Someone correct me if I am mistaken
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