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  1. moonshineacademy

    Fall 2018

    Thanks all for sharing on this topic! This is also my second round applying to PhD programs. I got one rejection so far and haven't heard anything from the program I'm hoping for. Last round, I applied to nine programs and was waitlisted at one, and ultimately did not get in. I agree - don't do this. I also have taken a few years off since getting my MA and am struggling with being an unconventional candidate. I'm a curator and an adjunct professor, with experience working at art smaller non-profits (which I don't think helps me at all) and doing independent curatorial projects. I have published a few catalogue essays but not articles, which I believe I'll need to do in the future to improve my application IF I decide to try again. Any other adjuncts out there? It's a weird position to be in when you're already teaching but can't seem to get into a program.....
  2. moonshineacademy

    Fall 2018

    Anyone want to claim UPitt and UMD admits? Specialization + details? Thanks!!
  3. moonshineacademy

    Fall 2017

    I can't speak to the strength of the program, but I work in higher ed and I just want to warn against letting the personal call from the program sway your decision. This likely means that the program is not meeting its admissions numbers and they are thirsty for tuition money. Again, not a statement about the strength of the program - just an overall observation of where higher education is these days, especially with art schools. Additionally, I think it might be against admissions guidelines to pursue you if you have already deposited with another school. If you haven't disclosed that you deferred from NYU, then they are not doing anything wrong, but as soon as you let them know that information, they are obligated to stop pursuing you.
  4. moonshineacademy

    Fall 2017

    I applied to BM and haven't heard a word. Maybe they're just late?
  5. moonshineacademy

    Fall 2017

    Does anyone have insight about funding at Temple? It seems like first two years are guaranteed funding with a TAship. After that, the dept sets PhD student up with an adjunct-like arrangement for years 3 and 4....but this aspect is not guaranteed in writing. I'm super uncomfortable with this. Anyone heard anything different or have thoughts? Feel free to private message if you prefer.
  6. moonshineacademy

    Fall 2017

    Looks like several people were waitlisted at Pitt. Anyone who got accepted not planning on attending?
  7. moonshineacademy

    Fall 2017

    Wondering what the field of UPitt admit is? Share!! Surprised that this was out so early. Congrats!

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