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  1. Thank you very much, this is actually very helpful !
  2. Hi everyone, So I had this nice PhD offer with full funding from a PI I'm interested working with. Okay classic but here's the thing; when I asked what was the deadline to decide he said he's planning to commit to the first two students that will commit to his lab (he has 2 positions). I know it makes sense for him to do that (to ensure he gets students in the end) but that makes it a bit stressful for me as I'm still waiting to hear back from other programs. What do you guys think? is it a common thing PIs do when recruiting students? Thank you!
  3. Still waiting for decisions here ! I think at some point there is not much to talk about, we're all waiting decisions/updates. Although it seems to be a bit quiet (for BME) since the last few days looking at the results page. Not sure why.
  4. Congrats! Still waiting for mine here, might not come... I thought I had a decent shot at this one since PI (who wrote a rec letter) discussed funding details (he said he can have me on his own lab funding). It shoud carry some weight but the committee decides. Oh well..
  5. Possible Admission to These Schools

    Hmm if I were you I would contact the person in charge of the admission and ask if the minimum scores displayed for PhD are also applicable to master. You might have a chance since master is less competitive like you said but if you want to be sure go ahead and ask. Otherwise sit tight and wait... good luck !
  6. Possible Admission to These Schools

    Hi there, How bad exactly are your GRE scores? (Be more specific) Having some research experience and strong letters of recommendation is probably the most important part of a graduate application. That being said, some programs have indeed minimum test scores and GPA (3.0 usually) and if you fail to reach those your application might not be reviewed at all...
  7. To my knowledge, it's not out yet.
  8. Hi there, Just received rejection from Stanford as well... Nothing from UMich though, seeing that they've already sent out some interviews should I assume rejection ?
  9. Thanks for replying. My poor phrasing might have affected the clarity of the question. I wanted to know whether this specific context (being offered funding by a professor, before the committee's decision) is something common for a PhD application in US. I ask that because, in Europe for example, being offered funding for a PhD basically means you're good to go (because the decision is up to the lab's director and not a committee). In any case, I guess I'll have to wait ah ah..
  10. Hi everyone, I'm applying for a PhD (Biomedical Eng.) and was offered funding for 3 years by a professor I want to work with. He wrote me a rec letter wherein he states that he wants me to work in his lab with him providing full funding. Quick explanation; I've worked with him on a project for which he has been granted funding. Should I expect to be admitted (more than usual), considering this? I heard that funding is the key especially for international students. For the record, I am an international student, my application is fairly decent with a M.S. in Bioengineering and another one in Human Movement sciences. As the context of my application is quite specific (and my experience with the US system, low) I want some insight from you guys! What do you think ? Thank you!