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  1. Committed to Cornell BBS! Been living on the West Coast my whole life so gotta get used to the colder weather for sure!
  2. Accepted to Cornell BBS! Definitely a huge relief, as this ended up being the only school I got an interview for. Was definitely thinking that things were really bleak a while ago but now that's all changed!
  3. I am actually in a very similar situation, so I would love to hear some advice about it as well!
  4. Just got my rejection email from Stanford Cancer Biology Was expecting one since I didn't hear from them earlier when everyone else did so not too surprised. Chances are looking slim now! But still hoping
  5. Yea I just got one too so I think they're finalizing everything now. Bummer!
  6. For those who applied to either UCSD BMS and Northwestern DGP, I got an update from both of the program coordinators that they are still sending out interview invitations. So there is still a chance!
  7. Congrats!! Didn't get it for Berkeley too and still haven't gotten one from Rockefeller. But here's to hoping!
  8. Didn't they say on the email after completing the application that we would hear back in the 1st week of January? Want to know a little bit more about this as well since I also applied to Berkeley MCB!
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