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  1. So if you get an interview, is that a good sign? What is their typical acceptance from those? I noticed there were only a handful of interview slots available in the first place.
  2. I have finally received my rejection from Baylor. Still nada from Vandy or UC Denver. I am interviewing for a PREP program, fingers crossed. I will be applying to present my honors thesis at ASM and SACNAS, as well as a few other events, both big and small. My thesis also requires I do a defense presentation and a presentation to a large audience. (>_<) Mostly, I am getting the feeling I need more general experience and I need to take more time with my essays. Also, three of my LORs are from profs at my university, all have good backgrounds, but it's a small school. One LOR is from
  3. I'm positive I was rejected all around this year. I put in 4 applications. Vanderbilt, UC-Denver, WashU, and Baylor. I was outright rejected by WashU, and Baylor sent me from Micro(1st choice) to Developmental. Email to UC-Denver was replied to with "yes we sent out our invites, but you're pretty awesome so welcome to the hold list!" Email to Vandy was just responded to with we're still reviewing applications. That was a couple weeks ago. I've given up hope. I graduate in May, and now I'm assessing how to be more badass next year. Hoping my honors thesis project goes awesome so I can mayb
  4. Since it has been more than 6 weeks since I submitted, and it has almost been 6 weeks since the deadline, I feel I should send out an inquiry email. However, I don't have the slightest clue how to ask. I am so worried that no matter what I do I'm just going to look needy or impatient or nosey.
  5. I have been, lol. As well as anywhere else I could possibly consider and watching my phone (and even my snail mail) like a hawk. I saw all the responses from Boulder, but not much from Denver/Anschutz. I think they are still processing applications, but I'm still worried I'm shuffled to the bottom. After WashU rejected me I've been pretty sobered about my chances.
  6. I've planned for alternate options. I have 3 separate contingency plans, lol. I applied to a PREP program, and I am working on my resume so I can get applications going for lab positions as soon as I graduate. Plus my part-time job can easily be converted into a full-time position, I've been doing that every break for 2 years now. I know the steps I need to take to improve my chances next fall. I really just wish it wasn't so random, and that all my hard work would be rewarded. I burnt the candle at both ends and sacrificed time with my kids and family, I missed events and funerals, my cr
  7. I really hope so, I just feel kind of bummed about it all. My mentors have been telling me how I am super qualified and such, then it seems like I was shuffled right to the bottom at schools I had a lot of hopes for. I see people in the results survey even more qualified than me getting rejections and people with stats way below mine getting interviews and accepted. I am just so confused and stressed about the whole process. So much rides on this, even with my back up plans. It sometimes feels so arbitrary how they choose the students. Ah well... Stiff upper lip and all. I still have a semeste
  8. I'm dying over here. Absolutely nothing from Vanderbilt or the University of Colorado... Already received one full on rejection and was pushed over to my second choice on another... I think I've just accepted that I was rejected by everyone.
  9. There doesn't seem to be a thread for this year's grads school admissions yet, so I'm creating this topic for everyone to communicate and discuss their chances as well as admissions results. I copied the template as the following from last year: Undergrad Institution: Very small not notable city university. Major(s): Biology/MicrobiologyMinor(s): N/AGPA in Major: 3.5Overall GPA:3.5Position in Class: ... no freaking ideaType of Student: Domestic lady wannabe scientistGRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 152V: 162W: 3.5 I took this thing after walking in the freezing rain for twenty min
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