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  1. This last week before Apr. 15 is going to be agonizing. I'm first on the waitlist for a program I'd be very excited to attend. They accept only 4 students per year, my application was ranked 5th. That's flattering but frustrating as you can imagine. I contacted the program director for more info and found out 2 of the 4 have accepted... I'd hate to read the tea leaves too much but can't help but speculate as how what the other 2 are thinking with their offers. At the very least it's good it obviously wasn't a slam dunk "yes" for all of them, or they'd all have accepted by now.
  2. If anyone has been accepted to American and doesn't plan to attend, please let me know! I'm first on the waitlist and it's my only good news this cycle.
  3. Does Wisconsin-Madison typically send out all acceptances at once?
  4. Has anyone heard anything from Emory or UMich? I was hoping for some answers by the end of this week.
  5. I was beginning to find this waiting process kind of debilitating when it comes to finishing my thesis work, but I've gotten out of the funk and have accepted that it's not the end of the world if I get all rejections. Radio silence is hard to cope with though. I'm both appreciative of this site for the insight I can get from the results page (knowing nothing would practically kill me), but it's also discouraging to see schools I applied for sending out acceptances. I thought I had a shot at UVA UPenn, not so, I didn't do a great job with the 10 page limit.
  6. Just a question since someone mentioned when the adcom for Wisconsin-Madison is meeting... after the admits are decided, are offers usually sent the same business day? Need to have an idea for my peace of mind.
  7. Submitted the majority of my applications yesterday. Now, the descent into insanity as I wait for results ? Question for people who know more about adcoms than me: how do you imagine professors read writing samples? Read the intro, skim a bit, and read conclusion? Only read the first few pages? I'm just worried because the beginning of mine is mostly historiographical summaries and the original research comes later. I think I do a good job of blending my findings with the established literature around the topics/time period, but I worry readers won't get there.
  8. So, I get the sense that most of this forum revolves around PhD applications (as is the case with other grad school communities I've found online), but as someone who just applied to MA programs and is freaking out a bit, would anyone be willing to PM and chat?
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