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  1. Congrats on getting accepted! I ended up accepting my offer at the MPP program today. I also declined Munk. The MPP program has a lot to offer and is really geared towards getting you set up and established in the workforce. There are lots of extracurriculars (pro bono consulting and the FORD SPPG conference ect). There are also great internships and career support services (from what I could tell). I want the versatility of working internationally and domestically as well, and I feel like a MPP aids that more than a MA or even the MGA. Plus it gives all of the same professional support that Munk does but is geared towards the public sector (with a domestic slant). I am going to have a difficult time with the finances as well but I feel like pursuing the MPP will give me a step up in the long run and hopefully give me better job opportunities once I leave school. Then again your prof sounds fantastic! But, the internship/resume building activities at the SPPG might make it a lot easier for you when you enter the workforce?
  2. My deadline to accept or reject is April 14th. I think that does mean that you are waitlisted from what I understand and that they will do a rolling admittance after people accept/decline and when spaces free up. I believe that they will keep sending out offers until everything is full, but it will probably end up being later than your deadlines to accept Dal and Carleton due to the 4 weeks the MPP program gives people to decide?
  3. I think that may be the case? But then again who knows? But it does seem strange that so many people got on the "decision made" page so soon, and according to my friend her acorn still does not show the change. Hopefully though! Fingers crossed for everyone
  4. No not yet, I got into Munk, the SPPG, and Carleton for their MPPA and I am sooooo torn! At the moment I am just trying to figure out how to make the money work with professional student lines of credit :/ I already got in, but one of my friends had her status changed, but mine already switched so I couldn't check. That is very good though! I will let her know! Best of luck!!!!! You both are on the waitlist so I think that means that you should be expecting a letter very soon! I think they send stuff off to SGS for a letter and then send them out afterwards?
  5. They have something called UTAPS. It is essentially a massive bursary that will fill in your assessed need I think from what I can gather, that all the 1st round offers get the same 3k "entrance scholarship." Definitely not enough, but UTAPS is the big equalizer and its essentially guaranteed to fill the void from what I have been told, and its non-repayable! So essentially, if you can afford the program outright you have to pay, and if you cant you get UTAPS.
  6. Well it is still not too late! My ACORN changed after my SGS application changed to "decision made" so dont drop all hope yet. Also, @thebigcheese CONGRATS! Thats fantastic!
  7. I got an email around two months ago from the SGS with a link and instructions to create your join id. It was titled "Important: Your UofT JoinID." if you do that you should get access to ACORN.
  8. Nope. They sent an email with your join id or something like that and I just activated it and have had it set up for a while.
  9. Check your ACORN account! I just got an invited status today
  10. Everyone who applied for the SPPG/U of T MPP program should go check their ACORN accounts. Official offers are supposed to be sent tomorrow, however it looks like I got in after my account changed to "decision made" yesterday and today its telling me in ACORN that I am invited. Im really excited!!!
  11. Yeah! Likewise! Good luck to you as well!
  12. Yes! Just happened on mine! I am really happy! Its either I was not close to the cut, or I am in from what I can tell? Because if I was in the waitlist I would not have anything until a spot came up?
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