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  1. apoc19

    IDRC - IDRA Awards

    Has anyone applied this round to either the IDRA call or the research award call? Anyone here receive an IDRC award in the past? What are the odds, what do they look for?
  2. I emailed SSHRC and they said that the waitlist for my committee has not moved (so no award prospects for me I don't think!)
  3. I think the funding is available based on committee. I.e. if i'm ranked 6 on my committee then 6 other people must reject their awards. So the waitlist is really another crap shoot, it wholly depends on how many rejections there are within the committee you're slotted into.
  4. I'm at 12.6 in the same committee so you're in around the 68th rank I imagine
  5. That's what they told me ( I wasn't aware of sub-committees either) Wonder what the odds are of getting an award while being #6
  6. Waitlisted with a score of 12.6 committee 5A - after emailing SSHRC I found out that the top 62 applicants in the committee out of 148 were given awards. My rank was 68. Does anyone know if that means I am 6th on the waitlist? Is that how the waitlists work?
  7. That's amazing! congrats. I emailed the grad chair in my department and he said they had not received news yet. I wonder if this is also because the grad assistant was away on friday? it's all so idiosyncratic
  8. Anyone from Queen's have similar news?
  9. hahahah so sick of reading about their storytellers!!
  10. Although this is true, it seems as though people started finding out last year by April 22 either through mail or by being notified by their department. I just checked with my department again and they have yet to receive word so I do think it's a bit delayed this year.
  11. Just asked my school, they don't have the results but will mail the department whenever they do. I think we're waiting till the middle of next week at least. URGH.
  12. Emailed SSHRC -- results won't be sent till mid to end April
  13. apoc19

    Trudeau 2017

    Nope ! Though I checked the portal and my application has disappeared -- or been cleared... so maybe I didn't get it!
  14. apoc19

    Trudeau 2017

    Nope still waiting on this!

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