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  1. Thanks, @imogenshakes! Definitely two great schools it's down to then! When are the visiting days for them? One of my best friends was just at SB and absolutely loved it, though she's a bit worried about how to make it work financially if she gets an offer. Seems like an amazing place and school!
  2. Guys, after that Oscars flub I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have nightmares that I didn't actually get into a PhD program. "I'm sorry, but there's been a mistake—we've actually admitted Moonlight to the English PhD program at Notre Dame!"
  3. Please have her binge watch all of Parks and Recreation, that'll definitely turn her around on Indiana Many P&R jokes were made during recruitment weekend haha. Li'l Sebastian does have an honorary degree from Notre Dame after all!
  4. Very true, my sister just took the bar and it almost broke her. She's one of the smartest and most dedicated people I know, but it really pushed her to the limit. And she already has a job lined up, so if she didn't it would've been even more stressful. The debt is crazy too, when I told her I was turning down an offer from U of Chicago's MAPH offer because I could never justify taking on 50k in debt she thought nothing of that amount. She absolutely loves the working environment at the firms she's been involved with though and the work itself, so definitely worth it to her! @eadwacer,
  5. I've been lucky I guess, everyone I have talked with has been incredibly encouraging. During the application process I definitely ran into people not really understanding how difficult the process is and how low the odds of success are, which can be frustrating to an extent. "Oh, you're smart! You'll get in, don't even worry." And I'm like, no. It doesn't work like that at this stage, said while stifling panic attacks. I do have a few friends applying in different areas though, so we've commiserated over the stress. But everyone's been really supportive otherwise, especially once I received my
  6. This is a fascinating topic! So interesting to hear more about everyone's work. I used my undergrad thesis on the Villa Diodati ghost-story competition. The first chapter, which I did not include, examined the various narratives of the event which often differed wildly and were frequently attached as paratexts to the works conceive at the Diodati. I also surveyed the critical scholarship surrounding the event and argued against their attempts to establish a definitive historical chronology and the failures and limitations of using that approach to discuss the Diodati. The second an
  7. Just started the thread! Hopefully it'll be a good space for people to share their exciting choices and help each other mull over their options too! You've definitely got a tough choice ahead of you! Some awesome programs as options for sure. You said you were leaning to the California options before, yeah? Definitely awesome programs! And can't beat the location of somewhere like UCSB. My best friend's there for her visit now and making me insanely jealous with a bunch of snapchats of the ocean and mountains haha. And of course, anytime! Happy to help if I can! It just was change
  8. A few people suggested in the acceptances thread that it might be a good time to get the ball rolling on a separate decisions thread! So, if you feel comfortable share which school you've decided on here! What were the biggest factors in your decision? How incredibly excited are you to have made it through to the finish line? If you're having trouble making a final choice feel free to mull it over here too! It can be a nice way to network with future classmates as well. And of course it's a space to celebrate each other and all the hard work everyone put into this process! To start us of
  9. Thank you, I'm really excited to start there! It's definitely an awesome program, I'm still a little dazed it all worked out! A few of us from the weekend have stayed in touch through GC too which is nice. I'll probably start a decisions thread soon! I was pretty lucky to hear back from all my schools early in the season though, so not sure if too many others will have made up their minds quite yet! But will be good to have it ready to go for everyone. Hopefully I can be helpful about Iowa info; I've worked with a few of the professors from the book studies area, so hopefully can be a bi
  10. Congratulations, I'm so excited for you! If you're thinking about them and have questions happy to answer any like I said Their book studies stuff is definitely great—Hooks is super awesome, the Center for the Book is crazy, lot of great resources. I also already decided—off to Notre Dame! My other offer wasn't funded, and even if I got off the waitlists for my other schools I felt the faculty at ND were best for my interests, their funding was most generous, and they just have a lot of great resources. Really excited!
  11. I'm with @Hartley on this one—I think you'll be fine on that front! The Catholic influence is more noticeable in general than the Irish one around campus—our guide cracked a bunch of jokes about the number of chapels we passed by during our tour haha. And the campus is stupidly pretty, we were all wowed on that front. Totally agree with @Sunsy (Congrats on all the acceptances by the way! Sounds like you've got some tough choices to make) that it was just so good to be back in that academic environment and be able to kind of nerd out about our research interests together and share that passion
  12. Thank you! I should've also noted that I'm a Romanticist for anyone else waiting for those, so dunno how helpful that is for anyone on here depending on how they work their waitlists. But that's definitely encouraging one of your POIs told you that! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you Minnesota seems like a lovely program.
  13. Haha yeah, was nice to be able to make a decision early since I've heard from everyone now. Their full-court press at recruitment weekend won me over pretty quickly, it's just such a good offer and a great fit for my interests. Hopefully you'll be joining in August! Excited to see who from the group is going to be coming, sure it'll be a great cohort!
  14. Congrats, that's so amazing! Really rooting for you to pull-off the clean sweep! Hell of an accomplishment no matter what though. That campus is really something for sure. One of my good friends is heading out there next week for interviews for art history, sounds like its an awesome school.
  15. The other day I turned down my offer from Nebraska and removed myself from Ohio State and Minnesota's waitlists. So, hopefully some of those help out some people on here!
  16. I did the same thing except it was in my SOP! I didn't even realize until later, saw I'd left off the last letter of his last name somehow. I got in too, so it worked out! The professor just sent me an email congratulating me. Life works in mysterious ways sometimes. I also had a pretty significant typo that was in all of my SOPs—an omitted word in the topic sentence of my second paragraph, so very noticeable—I was pretty convinced my goose was cooked, had a freakout about it. All's well that ends well I guess!
  17. So true! When I got waitlisted for Minnesota their email started with a paragraph about how they had intense competition for a few number of spots and how difficult their decision was, you know textbook rejection template, and then their second paragraph says I was recommended to be put on the waitlist! My heart was sinking more and more by the word until I got to there haha, was a rollercoaster.
  18. Yes, amazing, congrats! You better accept now so we can be classmates! Good thing I didn't lose my phone on the bus, cause I got that email right after haha. Thanks everyone! I'm so excited. You Nebraska folks will just have to visit South Bend for conferences and stuff!
  19. Notre Dame already got back to me before I even got home from the visit! I'm in, I was accepted! I am so unbelievably excited. The visit was incredible, they're a perfect fit for my interests and the department seemed wonderful. I'll definitely be accepting—I've heard back from everyone now already so makes my choice easy! Everyone at the weekend was amazing too, so it's great to know I'll be joining an awesome cohort! So excited I can't even believe it, it does't feel real!
  20. The Notre Dame visit was amazing! Faculty were incredibly kind and amazing to talk to, interviews were really relaxed and went well, and all the applicants were so nice! We bonded so fast I wish we could all just get in haha. I'm definitely pretty emotionally invested now, cause it'd be a perfect fit here, but even if I don't get in it'll be really nice to know that spot is going to someone great! Best of luck to all my fellow interviewees
  21. Thanks! I actually just got into the hotel a bit ago—met some of the other applicants on the bus ride here, a very nice and cool group so far! Looking forward to meeting everyone tonight at dinner. Congrats on the Nebraska admit, @JeremyWrites! I was just accepted into their PhD program last night, also waiting on funding too. It definitely seems like a great program!
  22. I took a number of seminars in that area while there, Iowa's great for it for sure! Professor Hooks was one of my absolute favorites during undergrad. And their Special Collections is really great too. You'd be landing in a really good place for that! Definitely happy to answer any questions about the alma mater Hope you get in there too!
  23. Congrats on your acceptances! Definitely seems like the news is rolling in. I see in your signature you applied to Iowa—if you get in there and have questions I'd be happy to answer some! I went there for undergrad. It's a really fantastic department, I miss all my professors there tons! Iowa City's pretty great too.
  24. I just got the email—I've been accepted! Came just a bit ago. Tuition remission, and then the waitlist for a TA position. So, not perfect news, but still super exciting! I think they'd be an awesome fit for me. I'm just so over the moon, my first acceptance! And after getting shutout last year only one rejection this year, so not bad! So excited
  25. Lit! So, haven't seen anyone post about an acceptance for that or rejections, so dunno what the status is on that one. Lots of congrats on the acceptance! And thanks for the info as well.
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