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  1. Just heard back from UCI. No email, no nothing Just went online and there it was...it's a no. But I'm happy about UT and think I will be very happy there.
  2. Let me know what you think about UT. I'm currently teaching in the United Arab Emirates, so I can't really leave during the term (plus it's over a thousand dollars for the plane ticket alone!) I'm anticipating being a broke grad student and trying to save.
  3. No,unfortunately. Still "being reviewed". It's frustrating, for sure, but I'm really excited about UT.
  4. I currently do not have any guaranteed funding from UT. I guess the 1st year they want to see if you last before they even grant you a stipend of any kind. I may be eligible for some financial aid/scholarships, and I'm hoping I am. That's going to be a tough decision whether to go without funding. Most fellowships and scholarships are for continuing doctoral students, not first-year.
  5. Guys this is a duplicate thread, so you may want to post on the larger thread for responses to your questions. Congratulations on your acceptances!
  6. I'm still "being reviewed" at UCI. Tell me so I can decide! I have to go to UT Austin in less than 2 weeks for the Department Campus Day!
  7. Thanks. And yeah, me too on the Harvard front. But my application is just floating in "submitted" I'm sure it's a rejection, but I never got a letter/email.
  8. Hi! I've been lurking forever but keeping up with the day to day on the forums...but I can't stay on the sidelines anymore. I was just admitted to UT Austin for their PhD in Education Policy and Planning. I haven't heard anything from UPenn, Vandy, and Harvard, which I assume means no. (All those applications are still in the submitted stage, which is weird, but whatever). My last school I am waiting on is University of California, Irvine, and it's still "under review'... Looks like I'm a new Longhorn!
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