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  1. The associate director emailed me and told me that they had exceeded the amount of people that they could accept but my file is still open and if something were to change this summer then they would look at the files that they kept open again
  2. At this point I just want to get into a school and just go there honestly
  3. Hopefully we both get into Carleton! What's your top choice school, like if you get into that school you will go
  4. Oh that sucks! Are you waiting on Carleton too? And nope no news.. the associate director for graduate programs said I can touch base in a 2 weeks and she'll let me know if they're doing a second round
  5. Hoping for the best !
  6. Unfortunately i don't! I'm really stressing out.. I don't have a high GPA and I did my. Best on my portfolio so I hope that I can get in the second round and that they don't only see grades.
  7. Hopefully we both get in!
  8. I just contacted the associate director of graduate programs and she told me that "several applicants requested an extension of 2 weeks and so they will consider possible second offers in about 2 more weeks and that I can contact her in about 2-3 weeks and she'll let me know if they have met the enrollment number of if they are in a position to consider second offers"
  9. I think there should be a second round of offers... was your gpa and portfolio good?
  10. Yeah I wasn't selected either hopefully we get picked for second round! Did they say that they will send out another round of admissions 2-3 weeks from today? Or meet up again 2-3 weeks from today?
  11. I applied for Masters in Architecture
  12. Yes you should! I think you got into UofT ! And yeah I'm still waiting on Carleton. Didn't get into McGill
  13. I applied to Ryerson and Carleton and still nothing! Driving me crazy! I'm so anxious.
  14. Oh wow okay! But yeah I'm still waiting on Ryerson and I'm really praying I get in because it was my top choice actually
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