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  1. YAY see you in the fall!!!!! Class of 2019 can't wait to welcome you!!!
  2. sorry guys, been inactive on here for a little bit. i have info, message me if you wanna know more @AspiringGC @GCApp1522 @GCTripi
  3. What is the best way to pay for grad school without going too far into debt with loans? I don't have much saved up right now and still hav a couple thousand in loans from undergrad, and now I need to pay tuition and living expenses in a new state. That means plane tickets to come home, too. I'lll definitely get a job, but any sort of help or resources would be great!
  4. Hey everyone! I wanted to post here about my experience applying as a second time applicant. I know it sounds redundant and hopeless, but keep applying. If becoming a GC is what you really want to do, then don't give up! I applied for the first time for fall 2016. I applied to 13 schools, and got rejected (not even an interview) from all of them. I knew my problems- my GPA was lower than average, and my GRE scores were kind of bad. But, I went and tried to fix my problems by retaking some classes even after I graduated as well as retaking the GRE, and reapplied for fall 2017. I applied to 13 schools again (only maybe 3 were the same schools as last round) and ended up getting 2 interviews and got accepted this year and will be attending in the fall. It was really hard but I knew I wanted to be a GC so I didn't give up. Hopefully you guys will keep on pushing through if it's what you're passionate about! If you guys have any questions or want more details or further advice just PM me, I check gradcafe pretty regularly now to check up on the GC applicants.
  5. Got accepted almost 10 minutes after I posted.... SO EXCITED
  6. Has anyone heard from Long Island University yet?
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