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  1. WhaleshipEssex

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    I wouldn't minimize that part about personalizing your SOP. If you're working off a base template and then plugging in a paragraph or so about each department, it will show.
  2. WhaleshipEssex

    What's a good GRE score?

    Verbal *should* be on the low end of good enough but, as has been repeated ad nauseam in this thread, taken with your SoP and writing sample you'll be fine.
  3. WhaleshipEssex

    Query Regarding South Asian History Graduate Programs

    I never said they were the same thing, but to your point I do believe they're linked. Yes, I will grant you that everyone starts somewhere and this forum is a great resource in finding out about programs. However, I'd assume someone interested in a phd would know a bit about the field they're interested in, which is why I questioned if they're ready. It had nothing to do with capability.
  4. WhaleshipEssex

    Query Regarding South Asian History Graduate Programs

    I'm sorry if this comes across as harsh, but if you're not familiar with the people and programs at the forefront of your field do you really think you're ready to apply to those top programs?
  5. WhaleshipEssex

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    For whatever it's worth, New Hampshire just hired a recent NYU PhD in Middle Eastern history this past fall. Given the list programs the majority of that department has come out of, it very well may point to that move upwards.
  6. WhaleshipEssex

    Whatcha reading?

    I'm currently working through a second reading of Paola Bertucci's Artisanal Enlightenment that came out last year. The argument is quite interesting and well researched but a bit lacking in terms of scope.
  7. WhaleshipEssex

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    @centinel Let me know if you have any questions about New Hampshire.
  8. WhaleshipEssex

    Writing sample?

    If you didn't include a lit review that'd set off some serious alarm bells. With regards to length, you should think less about how long the review is and more on how complete it is. Are you engaging with the big hitters in your field? Have there been important shifts in the last 20-30 years? How does your work fit in with/challenge what has been said?
  9. WhaleshipEssex

    Writing sample?

    Have you talked with the professor who will be supervising your thesis about doing something over the summer?
  10. WhaleshipEssex

    Where Top-Tier PhD Students Got Their BA/MA

  11. WhaleshipEssex

    Where Top-Tier PhD Students Got Their BA/MA

    "He was part of that whole Yale thing"
  12. WhaleshipEssex

    Fall 2018 Applicants

    Congratulations! Well done.
  13. WhaleshipEssex

    Fall 2018 Applicants

    Standard rejection from Brandeis. Now it's decision time between UNH and BC!
  14. WhaleshipEssex

    Fall 2018 Applicants

    Sorry to hear that about Brandeis, that's a damn shame. Congratulations on getting in off the waitlist however! You're right, you've got a lot of great options in front of you!
  15. WhaleshipEssex

    Fall 2018 Applicants

    @TheHessianHistorian Any word yet from Brandeis?

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