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    DirectorsCoffee reacted to Ilikekitties in Don't give up!   
    This is my 3rd round of applications after my first two rounds were unsuccessful. I've just been admitted to a program! I just want to say don't give up if you don't succeed on the first or even second round.
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    DirectorsCoffee got a reaction from Noe Montez in Theatre and Performance Studies Admissions AMA   
    Its great to see you on here willing to talk with those of use looking to apply.  I am considering Tufts in addition to other schools, and I'm wondering about visiting the school before applying, and will it matter a great deal to meet potential faculty advisors prior to applying.
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    DirectorsCoffee got a reaction from PetiteFilleNoire in Fall 2018 Performance Studies PhD   
    I didn't see any forums for performance studies PhD programs beginning in Fall 2018.... probably because I'm the only one overly excited to be posting this early!  
    I'm applying to quite a few schools.  Columbia and Northwestern are my top picks.  Just hoping to find a few other friends who might want to drive themselves nuts with me on this forum for the next twelve months! Ha!  
    I'd love to know where else you are all applying.
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    DirectorsCoffee reacted to lemonboo in Fall 2017 Theatre and Performance Studies PhDs   
    I don't see a thread, so I'm starting one for people applying for Theatre and Performance Studies MAs and PhDs. I'm looking at Brown, Northwestern, UC Berkeley and Tufts (My advisor told me they're moving away from theatre history and literature towards performance studies.)
    Where is everyone else applying? What do you want in a program?
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