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  1. I'll try emailing the profs, but as qkhitai said, I think it's time to cover my losses with McMaster and move forward with UoA. Last conversation I had with a professor was in early April and he seemed really interested (can't take names), but it's all been silent ever since. The processing time for the study permit in my country is around 40 to 45 days, that's why I'm worried even more, because I'd have to get a medical exam done before the study permit application, and the exam requires a letter of acceptance from the university that I'll be attending..
  2. Accepted the UoA offer, but will rescind it if McMaster gives me an admission, however it seems to be too late if the offer doesn't come within this week.. I have e-mailed McMaster quite a lot of times (not bordering on spam, but still quite a lot), and they haven't bothered to reply even once. I know the website specifically mentions that e-mails regarding application status will not be replied to, so I merely asked them when they'll be rolling out final decisions, but still, no reply from their side. Also, might I ask which program you're planning on joining? EDIT: Ju
  3. Thanks for the reply! I've taken all factors into consideration regarding professors I desire to work with, living conditions, funding, etc. and still was really confused about the decision, hence this forum post McMaster does seem like a better option overall considering it's nearer to Toronto, so it'll be easier to get some work experience in my non-course terms, also the weather seems a bit more liveable. While alberta is a better university when it comes to CS, both universities are pretty much neck and neck when it comes to game development and other related applications (ex.
  4. This is my first post here, so please go easy on me with the forum rules I applied to a lot of Computer science and engineering related programs in Canada, out of which UoAlberta's MSc in computing science with specialisation in Multimedia and McMaster's MEng in software engineering and virtual systems design programs were my first choices ( I'm interested in game development, graphics and HCI, so the programs seemed like a good fit ). I got accepted into the program at UoAlberta a while ago, but I'm still waiting for McMaster to give an admission verdict Since I'm an international
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