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  1. idrev

    NSF GRFP 2017-18

    had a low GPA when applying (~3.2) but still awarded - hooray! (E/E, E/E, E/E)
  2. Just as an FYI - there is are two rounds of visit weekends coming up for Northwestern ChE. The first is Feb. 8-11 and the second is Feb. 15-18.
  3. idrev

    Chemical Engineering MS/PhD 2018 Applicants

    It was an email with my offer letter and details about the upcoming visit weekends!
  4. idrev

    Chemical Engineering MS/PhD 2018 Applicants

    Just got an acceptance to Northwestern ChE!
  5. idrev

    Chemical Engineering MS/PhD 2018 Applicants

    saw that there was a Northwestern result posted on the results section...anyone else hear anything?
  6. Will do! And yes, I am still in touch with him - I plan to visit him whenever I'm in the area. Thanks again for your advice!
  7. Hmm...sounds good - thanks again Eigen! I might still keep it as a "just in case option" as my gpa is a bit on the lower end of the spectrum. So I'll see where things end up going - appreciate your insight!
  8. Even if I spent basically over a year in contact with him and spent the entirety of his visit with him?
  9. Well I actually invited, hosted him for a visit at my school, and organized his entire schedule - I think he was touched by all that I did for him and so he told me that I shouldn't hesitate to ask him for a recommendation to speak about my character. He isn't in the exact field that I'm applying for grad school (ChemE), but he is a winner of a Chemistry Nobel Prize, and my second major is in chemistry.
  10. I know grad schools usually need three recommendation letters, and I think I have a good three from my department lined up (I haven't asked yet though!). However, I could also add a 4th one, as the professor offered to write me one (more as a character reference though, and not really speaking to academics/research) - is that okay and not overkill? Some more info: the 4th recommender is outside of my university (and outside of my field), but he is a fairly recent Nobel Laureate and is a well-respected researcher in his field! Thanks very much!

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