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  1. Do you get your tests and quizzes back?

    There is absolutely not what? I'm not sure how your answer applies to the topic.
  2. Do you get your tests and quizzes back?

    ENMU appears to go to great lengths to prevent downloading of lectures. I tried, because I wanted to watch them at a different time than was convenient for streaming them. There may be a work-around but I could not find it, and it might be considered a hack even if I did. That option to allow downloading was intentionally disabled in blackboard.
  3. Took some undergrad online classes at ENMU recently and they don't give you your tests or quizzes back, I guess because they are afraid of people sharing answers with future students. Is this how SLP programs operate everywhere? Do you get these materials back attending in-person classes? I honestly don't think I want to waste my time and money on programs where I can't find out what I got wrong so I can focus my valuable time on only restudying the things I need to. I had one class where I got tested 3 times in one week-a quiz, section test and final exam. If I got something wrong on the quiz I got it wrong 3 times that week because there was no practical way for me to know I was getting it wrong aside from studying ALL of the material ALL over again (which is not "practical"). I've taken online classes before including graduate classes and have never run into this kind of policy before. It seems to place the instructor and the institution above the education and success of students. I can understand not releasing results for standardized tests and certifications, but I think its a terrible policy for general coursework.
  4. ENMU SLP Leveling Pre-req Courses

    Wow, we don't even get to know how the rest of the class is doing in A&P. We don't get that information, and we don't get our tests and quizzes back so we can correct our mistakes either. I did very well on the first test, similar to your class, but there has been a significant dropoff since then. Now we're doing neuro stuff and the level of detail we're expected to remember is simply impossible. It might be that A&P is a weed-out class for the SLP program, and I might get weeded out. I'm trying to improve my GPA over my first BS, and I'll be extremely fortunate if I can somehow steal a B out of this class. That's not the "improvement" I needed.
  5. ENMU SLP Leveling Pre-req Courses

    I sent you a PM. A&P with Bougie is a very heavy workload and very time consuming between reading, lectures, projects, essays, quizzes and tests. Having taken A&P might help you some, you can concentrate on the parts that you may not have covered in a lower division class, like innervation and some of the speech musculature perhaps. It all depends on how in depth you went into speech and swallowing-specific A&P. If it was general A&P it may not help you a great deal. This is all specific to speech and swallowing, so 99.9% of class is spent between the navel, the cranium and clavicles. I don't know anything about Barrow. A&P won't be a cakewalk anywhere, I'm afraid.
  6. ENMU SLP Leveling Pre-req Courses

    You are taking 2 classes at BOTH MGH and ENMU during summer? You are superhuman. I am drowning and seeing my chances of success rapidly evaporate trying to take only 2 classes (mostly thanks to the Bougie class) and working part-time.
  7. Summer Courses

    Probably too late for this summer, if that's what you're asking. My summer session is past the halfway point already.
  8. ENMU SLP Leveling Pre-req Courses

    How is MGH working out? I think Swift is good, though her tests and quizzes are hard at least she is a good instructor and is quick tyo respond to emails. A frustrating thing about ENMU online is you don't get your tests and quizzes back so you can correct what you got wrong. Maybe they do that other places too, I've only taken one online class before this and it wasn't this way. I guess this is to prevent sharing it with other students, which is an understandable concern. But we also have to be able to fix our errors and misunderstandings and this makes it a lot harder to do so.
  9. Working Internationally as SLP?

    bumpapalooza. I fantasize about travelling SLP work
  10. Speech Pathology Master - NO GRE