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  1. Stanford's MS program is terminal, so it doesn't necessarily lead you directly to a Ph.D, at least at Stanford. I would definitely, definitely, decide whether or not you want to do a Ph.D before going any further with the supposed confirmations.
  2. 初めまして、スタンフォード学院で勉強してる赤阪と申します。大学院からの返事は普段二月から三月の間、遅くて四月まで待たないといけない時もあります。どの学校に行くか決めるのはだいたい五月まで時間があるのであまり心配する必要は無いはずです。 I found out about Georgia Tech on March 18, I found out about Stanford's Ph.D decision on February 12, the MS decision on March 25. Best of luck!
  3. In case anyone is interested, I've posted a recap of this last quarter: http://www.rioleo.org/my-first-quarter-at-stanford.php Cheers and happy holidays!
  4. An exceedingly late reply here: It probably isn't too far from the truth, in that they vehemently assure you that there is absolutely no guarantee for funding. That often turns away a lot of good potential candidates to Stanford, too, which can be a boon for others. That being said, I think if you're stubborn and persuasive enough and you have the right skills, you can get funding. I'm funding my own way through grad school after spending a year working, which means I had just enough saved for about 2.5 quarters with rent, not quite enough to get through an entire year. I was looking to be
  5. Some things I've condensed from queries so far: I think the admissions committee is looking for experience, research experience (to a lesser degree) and passion for the topic that can be demonstrated somehow qualitatively (did you do a project that got some reception? a conference publication? where did you do your undergrad?) I'm not aware of the average GRE and GPAs of students in the Stanford MSCS program, though I don't doubt it's pretty up there. I did a few interesting research projects while at undergrad, and spent a year working in the field I wanted to pursue my MSCS (I was
  6. Hi all, I figured I'd try to come back here as GradCafe's forum was really helpful in my getting feedback and ideas for application (and it helped me also decide between the two schools I had gotten into). I'd rather not answer questions about "would I get in with this profile" because I think that's really up to an admissions counselor and it's really on a personal basis, but any other questions about Stanford's CS program I'd love to answer (from my limited knowledge so far). You can PM me if you'd like not to share personal information, or if you'd like to verify that I am indeed who I s
  7. Stanford student here. First off, I wouldn't listen to naysayers. My approach is that people who say "no you can't" are people who want to take your place. On to the topic - have you looked at Stanford's MS&E program? That may be a little more tailored to your needs and background. There's plenty of CS involved too.
  8. I agree that if you're going to be attending a school just because and you feel you're going to be miserable or losing out because you didn't get into your first choice school, then you should probably not attend. Save your money and travel, work, do something else, because you'll never be able to satisfy your expectations wherever you go. There was a reason why you didn't get in, and though as harsh as that may mean it's important to realize that. It never hurts to dream, but it is never worth destroying reality just because of a dream. If you're really passionate about it, take a year off an
  9. Will be full time working and also taking summer school to have a leg up on pre-reqs for my major.
  10. Great advice. Particularly in a narrow field of study it always is good to maintain contacts.
  11. Just accepted admission to MSCS this fall!
  12. Now I'm choosing between Stanford and Georgia Tech for HCI - I hate the fact that Stanford has the name and fame but not much more besides it!
  13. If it's any indication, I was put on the waitlist last year and was flatly denied this year. Not worth waiting for, definitely.
  14. Where else did you apply/get into, if I may ask?
  15. MSCS here, just visited this weekend!
  16. Am in the same boat as expolorer-c: Ph.D candidate turned MSCS. International currently working in the US, double major Engineering and Linguistics, 3.73 GPA, GRE not too stellar, but a fair amount of research and senior design projects. Hopefully my one year of work can pay some of Stanford's tuition!
  17. I wonder how funding might/not work as a MS? I'm not sure if GATech goes under the top 10 schools thread...?
  18. GAtech doesn't have a HCI Ph. D though, only a CS/Hci hybrid though...
  19. Is there anyone going there or does anyone know how good it is?
  20. Hi everyone, Just curious if there are others getting into Georgia Tech. Got admitted into the MS for HCI today. I'm from Boston, so the south will be interesting.
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