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  1. SUBMITTED ALL MY GOD DAMN APPS. Can't wait to start hearing the good news yall. We worked hard for this and FINALLY the application phase is pretty much wrapped up. You guys are awesome and I'm hoping for successful admits from all of you! Stay tuned~~
  2. Random thought: Adcomms should find a way to quantify gradcafe participation and consider that in their decision. I think it shows dedication, motivation, and drive. Anyway...
  3. Totally feel that haha, but you'll be okay!! Just pick a few and slap em' on there, I doubt you'll get rejected from all your 'targets'. Sounds like you considered fit a lot!
  4. My god I totally understand y'all. Here I am checking the application sites on a daily basis, thinking, 'hey, maybe im just SO GOOD they'll admit me even more the application deadline.' Here's to 3-4 months of anxiety and uncertainty . Also I totally had that same realization a few weeks ago and added some 'safety' schools to my list haha.
  5. Have you considered applying to NYU? They have a lot of faculty in your stated research interests and I feel like you would have good fit in that department. They're all about social movements and inequality. Yes it is very common for professors to wait until the last minute, but it would be good to stick on them and remind them. Also keep in mind recommendations don't have to be in by the deadline, I've heard of recommenders sending in their letters even a month late and I've heard this doesn't affect your consideration. I'd be willing to take a look at your SoP and provide some general feedback! I already submitted my most of my applications so my SoP is finalized.
  6. How are all your apps going? I am about to submit one of my applications now and wanted to see where everyone else was in the process. Compared to the 2017 and 2016 threads it doesn't seem like there are as many applicants this round. THIS IS SO EXCITING & NERVE WRACKING.
  7. @syza Thanks, you too! Sure I'd be happy to! I'm feeling confident in my SoP because I've watched it grow for numerous drafts, gaining greater specificity every pass. My first draft, though I was proud of it, didn't work to my strengths. I was merely telling admissions committees what I've accomplished and what my goals were rather than showing- much like my pros and cons list. For example, in my first draft I mentioned that I had done research on X and Y but didn't bother to explain these projects in the fine, calculated detail that's expected nor why it was important to sociology. I believe they want to know the whys, the hows, its implications for the (sub)field, and what you're going to do with it in graduate school. I also realized I used concepts ambiguously. For example, my introductory paragraph used the word globalization but didn't explicate what I meant or connect it at all to my research interests or goals for graduate school. I took those out and aimed to be entirely relevant from the start. I also feel I played to my strengths. For example my first draft buried the most qualifying component of my application in the middle - my research experience. With a professor's advice, I immediately hit them up front with this information in a way that demonstrated the research experience rather than just name dropping. Then I connected what this experience taught me to how I was going to use it for future research in graduate school. I also mentioned funding very briefly, I heard this gives adcomms confidence in your understanding of the logistics of research. Another thing I've done recently is download the course catalogs for every school and made lists of what faculty teaches what topics. This helped me because I'm tailoring my SoP to every school and I don't mean by just replacing block paragraphs. A piece of advice I got was to demonstrate how YOU would benefit from attending institution X and make it less about how great you are. So from start to finish I talk about faculty, what each one could teach me to become a better scholar. Lastly, I've sent it to multiple professors and friends and critically engaged with every bit of criticism I've received. It really helped me feel confident in my final draft. I just want highlight how important it was for me to ask other graduate students and faculty to review it for me. I couldn't have refined it this much if it weren't for their advice and suggestions. These are just somethings I've done recently and I am very happy with my statement. If you want me to give you some critiques on yours, feel free to PM me!
  8. Wow deadlines are so close is this real life? This will be my first time applying, I aim to study migration, race and ethnicity, and urban studies. I am banking a lot on getting accepted into a program. The schools I am considering are: 1) Harvard 2) CUNY Graduate Center 3) Columbia 4) Princeton 5) Yale 6) Northeastern U 7) U Mich 8) UPenn 9) Boston University I have selected these schools as they are great fits for the research I have done and will continue to do if accepted. A lot of scholars that have inspired my work are also faculty here. The pros: -I have a decent amount of research experience: RAship with a distinguished professor of sociology at CUNY who is huge in my intended field of study, a research internship at nonprofit, a UG research project and a grad level research project. -I have a publication -I have presented my UG research at ESS 2017 -i have four stellar recommendations -My statement of purpose is extremely strong -my writing sample is also strong and a graduate level research paper -In addition to a BA in sociology I have a graduate certificate in Data Collection & Management with a 3.8 GPA -I am auditing a Phd immigration course at CUNY -Deans list, honors society in UG -i have met many faculty and maintained connections The cons: -GRE score: 160V 144Q 4.5AW (the quant score is gonna effin kill me, no time to retake) -My UG gpa is 3.42 which i feel is just below the acceptable range -Im nervous AS HELL. ive put too much into this to be rejected :/ my heart couldnt take it haha -im sure there are others i cant think of right now. Anyway good luck folks, i wish you all the best and hope to hear some good news from yall this April
  9. Hello all! I am helping organize and publicize an International Conference the RCKC (Research Center for Korean Community) is hosting at CUNY Queens College in New York. I am currently a Research Assistant for Dr. Pyong Gap Min at the CUNY Graduate Center, and applying to PhD programs to study immigration and race this upcoming December. I want to do well at the tasks Dr. Min has assigned to me, and part of it is making sure this conference runs smoothly. If the event is too far from you or you cannot attend, it would help me a great deal if you could at least like our page on Facebook. We are relatively new on social media and I have the sole responsibility of gaining online exposure for the organization. Here is some background for the event: "The forced mobilization of an estimated 80,000 to 200,000 Asian women to Japanese military brothels during the Asia-Pacific War (1932-1945) was one of the most heinous and brutal war crimes in history. These victims of military sexual slavery have been referred to as “comfort women,” a euphemism originally used by Japanese soldiers. Although it has been over 70 years since the Asia-Pacific War and World War II ended, the Japanese government has not yet made a sincere apology and compensation to the victims. In 1990, a redress movement began in South Korea in an attempt to persuade the Japanese government to apologize for its past actions and to sufficiently compensate the surviving victims. This movement has received global support from South Korea, other Asian countries, the U.S., and many other Western countries. This conference invites “comfort women” scholars and movement leaders in Korea, Japan, and the United States to look back at the 27-year old movement and to publicize the “comfort women” issue and the Japanese government’s obligations to take responsible actions to the victims and Asian countries." Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RCKCqueens/ Organization site: www.koreanamericandatabank.org If anyone is interested in this event, please RSVP here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-redress-movement-for-the-victims-of-japanese-military-sexual-slavery-tickets-36833234195. Thanks so much, Kevin
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