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  1. LMAO start the week off right! Sorry to hear that though.
  2. I HIGHLY recommend "The Farthest: Voyager in Space" -- its a great documentary on how the Voyager project came to be, all the trials they've faced and the obstacles they overcame. And it takes you through the emotional journey of the astronauts and those at command central as Voyager gets further and further out into space. It's truly inspirational! Also Planet Earth II is great!
  3. I'm starting to get delusional and waking up the last few days with a false feeling of 'I'm gonna hear something today, I feel it'. WHY MUST MY EMOTIONS LIE TO ME?
  4. What I imagine: Keep my cool as long as possible and think about all my accomplishments and all the obstacles i've overcome to get an acceptance. Then tell my significant other, family, social media then have a nice dinner with my S.O. What is more likely: Scream, Get intoxicated, call significant other, scream with her, stay up all night drunk laughing/crying.
  5. OMG, first off congratulations, secondly im so jealous!
  6. Is anyone claiming the CUNY Graduate Center interview???
  7. Thats a good plan, I think I'll give myself tomorrow off and try to put my mind somewhere else. Mental health day haha
  8. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Honestly, checking applications and gradcafe multiple times a day everyday is starting to burn me out a bit -- yet I can't stop checking them. I need to try and separate for a bit its messing me up.
  9. LMAO I was thinking this yesterday. I was so anxiously checking every and any outlet I could for information regarding decisions. I must have blown off hours of work.
  10. Have you considered any prep courses? I know they can be expensive though =/ Also, I understand you going in survival mode but you never know!
  11. https://www.theodysseyonline.com/10-stages-waiting-grad-school-admissions-decisions
  12. Since we're sharing heart break stories I have another one today. I totally forgot I emailed Columbia's admissions last week asking about timelines, so anyway I almost FAINTED today when I saw an email from Columbia Graduate School of Arts and Sciences this morning.
  13. I'm not sure but it seems like most people are posting results around noon -- so I assume around the morning. So anyway this morning in an obsessive frenzy, I decided to call the admissions offices of all the schools I applied to and ask about timelines. Here's what I was told: CUNY Graduate Center - End of January, beginning of February Princeton - End of February Harvard - Starting end of Febuary, all decisions out by March 15. Columbia - No comment Boston University - March/April NYU - End of February Northeastern - February/March Yale - Febuary/March Anyway didn't really learn anything new but I liked the feeling of control I got again when I was calling my schools haha.
  14. Lmao I got a phone call from an unknown number today and hoping it was a school answered quickly -- turns out it was just an advertisement. I get my heart broken every day.
  15. Haha oh my god I'm so sorry, I'd be so disappointed. Oh really? This is my first cycle and all ive heard is decisions typically come out in March and April, so its very interesting to see people getting results so soon. I REALLY hope we hear something next week. I'd even take a small confirmation saying that they're reviewing my application haha.
  16. Still checking my application pages everyday and still see the same damn green Submitted. It's cool some people are hearing back from schools already, but it seems like these schools are mostly central and west coast. Can't wait to start seeing some east coast results.
  17. I'm sorry to hear you had that MA experience, it sounds like it really got to you. I really wish you the best in getting into Berkeley. The good part about all of our individual stresses and such is that it will be over relatively soon, and we will all know for sure where were going and if we can handle it. Now is the time for strength!
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