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  1. Damn that's incredible -- it sounds like you've been through a lot with these graduate apps. I don't know if I would have the heart to keep reapplying but it sounds like you know what you want. Though in the end, I think whats meant to happen will always happen. I haven't heard about these interviews, it sounds like these invites come out really early though.
  2. Unrelated but the more time passes the more anxious and doubtful I'm becoming. I put my heart and soul into these applications and prepared for them for about two years, but now that the app process is over and I can't 'control' anything anymore, I keep getting these recurring doubts. Huge change from when I thought I was a shoe-in during the application process. Anyone experiencing something similar?
  3. Haha that's great -- I used to be a huge pokemon fan, but fell off after the DS. I still remember my ruby party ='( And congrats on finishing your apps! I applied to 8 schools and nowhere on their site do they mention interviews at all!
  4. I've been playing guitar for about 11 years but over the past year -- due to career and graduate applications -- have fallen off. Over the next few months I plan on really getting back into songwriting, working out, and reading more fiction
  5. Yes absolutely -- the uncontrollable factors are the most terrifying
  6. Oh god seeing all the applicants come out of the woods is terrifying haha. I applied to very similar profile schools but definitely have lower GRE and GPAs than you. I feel you shouldn't worry too much, your general profile sounds very good and I believe it will come down to research fit.
  7. Holy crap congratulations!!! Thats incredible -- I didn't know some programs responded that quickly.
  8. Damn do programs really reach out that early?? What schools did you apply to? Congrats! Yeah spending months revising over and over again gets so draining. I'm glad its over for most of us.
  9. I think its best to go in with the understanding that the process is pretty arbitrary, and there are lots of factors that we could not possibly control! Whatever happens happens, but I have a good feeling about all of yall <3
  10. Hmm well I know Harvard and the CUNY Graduate Center are expected around 400 applications this year...
  11. If I don't get anything by January 24th my insane brain will assume I got rejected from everything now
  12. Haha this can't keep happening for the next few months -- I think we need to change our habits or find an outlet.
  13. That my friend, is fascinating haha. Side note, I check my application pages every single morning around 10AM and I'm tired of seeing the green 'Submitted' status. I have to stop doing this.
  14. I'm not too familiar with those subfields so couldn't suggest anything to you, but it's definitely a great time to read! In terms of video games, lately I've been into Overwatch, PUBG, and Black Desert haha -- numbing my mind and avoiding thinking about academic/career plans. How about you?
  15. Damn that sounds stressful haha, best of luck to you! What kind of work are you looking for?
  16. I'm lucky enough to have a full-time too (as you can probably surmise I'm on grad cafe at said job now) haha. That's great, definitely good to keep doing research in the meantime!
  17. Well now that most applications are submitted and the waiting game is officially starting, I figure it would be good to figure out ways to occupy headspace while we wait for our lives to be determined by a committee of strangers. It's funny because most people who apply to graduate school are neurotic and anxious people in general. Things I've been doing: (1) I've been using this time to start saving money, considering i'd probably be broke in graduate school (2) Going to the gym and trying to get the body I want (3) Activism (4) Video games (5) Checking the application pages for each school I applied to every morning What are you all doing to keep busy?
  18. Netflix and video games have been my best friend as of late haha. I totally get that feeling and I cope with it constantly. Of course we're here to support each other!
  19. Haha damn man you gotta find a way to keep yourself busy!! Random tidbit my mother told me that make me feel better: 'You want this so bad, and you've been working hard to make your application perfect. If you don't get accepted, who will?'. It really made me less anxious about the upcoming decisions and if you want this as bad as I think you do, I'm sure this applies to you as well
  20. Also my profile says my role is an 'Analyst', and thats literally my job right now--thought that was funny.
  21. This is why I've been taking nyquil or melatonin every night to sleep
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