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  1. @ other people on waitlists: Do you know if people don't make their decisions before the 15th, if we are automatically rejected or can we get accepted after April 15th? @people still making decisions: Please formally decline schools if you have already made a choice or at least keep the waitlist in mind when thinking about when to make your decision! It affects people on the waitlist as well as the school.
  2. asue

    Deadline Predicament - Advice Needed

    I wouldn't wait for an official offer - I would simply start planning the trip now because the informal offer is probably enough to know.
  3. No but I applied very late close to their deadline on 1/15. I emailed them and they said they will be sending out invitations through mid-February!
  4. I haven't but I also applied really late (right before the 1/09 deadline) and not before the Dec 12th fellowship deadline so I am assuming they are still reviewing my application. I probably should have applied before the Dec 12 deadline but was so swamped with finals - oh well!
  5. Does anyone know when Hopkins interviews come out yet?
  6. For the Biostatistics or Statistics Professors on this forum: what drew you to academia or made you want to be a Professor? I have heard so many horror stories about the tenure-track and although I realize that academia can be stressful, I am curious what the opinions of experienced faculty are. What is your favorite and least favorite part and if you could do it all over again, would you choose the same profession?
  7. Did anyone get the call from Harvard to go to the open house? Does anyone know what the open house entails? I'm assuming an "interview" is included?
  8. I just got asked by a professor for a 15 min phone interview. Does anyone know what that entails? He said it would be a 15 min "discussion."

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