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  1. Brown vs. UMass Computer Science

    What isn’t flexible enough about the data science program at Brown?
  2. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    You can avoid this issue by entering biostat*
  3. when you say Hopkins placements have been good lately, do you have any particular examples in mind?
  4. BU statistics

    Does anyone know anything about the reputation of the statistics program at BU? Looks like there are some interesting faculty, but it doesn’t appear on the USNWR rankings, maybe because it’s not a standalone department
  5. I think that more rigorous coursework would likely be seen as a positive in PhD applications, so you might want to consider that, if UNC’s reputation for rigorous coursework also applies to its masters program, which I don’t know. You could also ask the departments how they feel about their own masters students applying to their own PhD programs. I think that some give them especially positive consideration. At the Columbia PhD interview, there was at least one current Columbia masters student, and I believe there were multiple.
  6. Harvard biostatistics

    Is it fair to say that when people label certain work in (bio)statistics "theoretical," they mean it roughly as a euphemism for "involving advanced mathematics"? For instance, I feel like I see highly abstract work in, say, models of causal inference referred to as "applied" simply because the symbols on the page aren't terribly imposing
  7. I have heard a few people claim casually that Harvard’s biostatistics PhD program is very “applied.” Could anyone elaborate what this might mean or whether this is in fact a general consensus about the program?
  8. Applied Math@UCLA vs CSE@Gatech

    How are classes in applied differential equations and numerical analysis too theoretical?
  9. Brown University Rank for Biostatistics

    you may find this interesting
  10. "Let's just TALK about it..." Decision Edition

    of course your concerns are reasonable, but I think sometimes it's good to accept that other people may be able to evaluate you even better than you can evaluate yourself, especially if it is their job to do so. if you are really concerned about your ability to succeed in some places, I don't think it would be out of line to mention your concern to a professor and see what they say. if they know your application they may be able to relate their program to things you have already experienced. also, I don't think a university's higher ranking means their educational program is harder. you sound like you have looked into some objective measures of difficulty, like completion rate, but I wouldn't take ranking to be one of them. talk to students at different places and see what they think about the difficulty of the programs. in the end, one possibly less stressful way to think about it is that the most important thing you will do in grad school is learn. the amount you learn in grad school will influence your success later on whether its in academia or elsewhere. so think about in what environment you will learn the best, not necessarily accomplish the most, because I think that is harder to think about and predict. good luck with your top choice!
  11. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    You aren't admitted yet and the weekend will involve interviews
  12. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    my guess is it's just the first thing people see in the drop down menu. whatever it is supposed to mean, i would bet it doesn't usually mean that in the results thread.
  13. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    I'm also waiting for Harvard biostat PhD. I haven't heard of anyone being notified
  14. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    I had posted that I got an interview, and I can tell you the visit is scheduled for the last weekend in February. I haven't seen other results or heard from anyone else.