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  1. kyle_xy

    Funding at York University, Toronto

    I received a fully funded acceptance from York. They have this graduate funding model that covers tuition and at least part of living expenses.
  2. Hi guys, I received a fully funded admission offer from a Canadian University (let's call it school C). I was very excited about it until I realized I only have till 2nd March to respond to the offer. This is the only University I have heard from so far and I am eager to hear from the others, especially my top 2 choices (schs A and B). I believe I have a reasonable chance of getting a funded admit from at least one of my top 2 programs and I really, really want to hear from them before deciding to accept any offer. However, it is quite unlikely that either of those schools will make a decision before 2nd March. School C's program is quite new and not very well reputed yet (the 1st batch of their undergraduate students will graduate this year). So I believe given the choice, I will be better off at either A or B. They are my dream schools and I really love them (hint: one of them is the absolute best in Canada). I had contacted my POI at sch C before applying and he has been very supportive so far. By the time I received the admit offer, we had exchanged almost 20 emails. A week before I received the official admit offer, the POI informed me that I had been approved and that after I receive the admission offer, I should contact him directly if I have any questions about it. Guys, what do you think I should do? Should I contact my POI and ask for an extension? How do I even ask for that, without making it look like I don't want to accept the offer? Because if A and B is off the table, I will be perfectly happy to accept C. Will it be wise to contact A and B about the situation? What will I do if the extension is not granted?
  3. kyle_xy

    Civil & Environmental Engineering - Fall 2018 Applicants

    Masters applicant here. I applied to a mix of US and Canadian schools - Purdue, UW, ASU, U of Toronto, UBC, York University. I have already received an unofficial acceptance from York.
  4. kyle_xy

    Fall 2018 Admission

    I also received a similar email from my POI on Thursday.
  5. Hi, I know I'm a year late, but did you eventually get an admit? I also applied for Fall 2018 semester. I'm waiting for a decision to be made

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