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  1. As a preface to all of this advice, if you think that you would use a law degree in your lifetime in any way, go to a T15 law school that you've been accepted to. That is an amazing opportunity. If you think about it and you can't see yourself using that law degree and really, genuinely want to go the PhD route in Soc, I would recommend the MA route as a way to gather research experience and pristine LORs. I applied (and was rejected) to Soc PhDs straight out of undergrad, and thought grad school was just a placeholder for me; after 2 years of graduate study, I retook the GRE and was SHOCKED at my verbal improvements, gained some research experience, and made connections I would not have otherwise been able to. It isn't a BAD idea, per se, but you have to keep the final goal in mind the whole time, and it's a bit exhausting. Additionally, a lot of MAs aren't funded--mine wasn't--and woah, was my program expensive. Worth it? To me, yes. But keep all of this in mind.
  2. Rejected from Northwestern, so the only school that (probably) could poach me from UWM is UPenn, but that would have to be a pretty good deal. WI might be home!
  3. I did! I'm on top of the world about it--I think my fit was unusually strong there, since I've now been rejected from IUB and UMich--but Northwestern funds its applicants so well compared to UWM. I'm primarily interested in the sociology of health--NW's science studies cluster sounds so cool to me, too. What's yours?
  4. I'm still waiting on NW and UPenn at this point (as well as waiting on my official Chicago rejection). Northwestern is probably the only school that might sway me from UWM. We shall see.
  5. latemeg

    Chicago, IL

    I've lived in Chicago for a couple years now (congrats on DePaul, I love my school!) and agree that people are kind of dramatic--with one caveat. The time you spend in areas with both excessive crime and excessive police (like North Lawndale) does significantly increase the likelihood of your being victim to a crime, whether it be on purpose (muggings outside CTA stations) or accidental (witnessing or becoming involved in a crime that doesn't involve you). What kind of budget are you looking for? In Chicago, there are a good deal of apartments in areas that are safer that can accommodate your need for space and pet friendliness. If you don't mind living further from transit, check Hermosa Park and Humboldt Park; remember that you can also take Metra downtown from stops throughout the city, though it isn't as frequent as the CTA. As a rule of thumb, if you can get 3-4 roommates in a 4-5 bedroom apartment, you're gonna be paying much less and can stay in a safer area.
  6. Note to everyone waiting on the University of Michigan: my rejection got filed into "promotions" on Gmail. Now just waiting on my official rejections from IUB and UChi, + decisions from UPenn and Northwestern!
  7. I just wanted to say that this is excellent advice, and I'm happy it worked out for you
  8. Congratulations! I think this one may be my first rejection, just depends how long it takes them to get decisions posted online (since IUB also sent out interview requests and I didn't get one, they may beat them to the punch on my rejection). Did your interview go well?
  9. Anybody want to claim the University of Chicago admits?
  10. Davis broke my damn heart right out of undergrad rejecting me--it was the only program I applied to as well! But if you're coming out of their program, they will likely favor you more (I was coming out of a state school, and Davis has a...thing...about emulating Berkeley's selectiveness). My GRE scores were awful, though, and so was my SOP for them; I'm sure you're a MUCH more qualified applicant, and coming out of MPH lines you up perfectly for your research area. Best of luck, and let us know what happens!
  11. That sounds about right to me. I'm anxious to hear!
  12. They're probably just figuring it out at the moment. I doubt they'd switch to not funding their admits; to the best of my knowledge, they admitted fewer people w no waitlist in order to ensure they CAN fund everyone.
  13. I'm in the same boat, waiting on info about the visit. I would loooove to get some details. I'm not too far from Madison, but if they'd throw me some gas money to visit, that would be much appreciated. I understand your frustration. Just a notice ("we're still reviewing apps" or "decisions will be out in two weeks") would be really helpful.
  14. Thanks for the info! Awesome stuff, I'll keep an eye out for everything.
  15. Not yet. I'm sure it's in the official letter. Coming soon!
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