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  1. Best of luck to you ! I'll see how the rest of this cycle turns out for me, but I am doubtful I will be applying again.
  2. Thank you for the encouragement. My first reaction was to apply for another cycle if I got rejected this round, but then I realized not much about my application would change. If anything my application would be even weaker 1 or 2 years down the road as my career becomes more "corporate". I left my research job 1.5 years ago because of finances and from a graduate program perspective, I can't imagine this being looked at favorably no matter what my reason was. Being in NYC also doesn't help haha.
  3. I just got my rejection email from BU. I was waiting for it since I wasn't invited to prospective student day. So that's 4/8 rejections and 4/8 radio silence haha. I think I just wasted my money applying and don't think I'll be trying for another cycle. Before I applied, I struggled with whether I should apply at all. My career is going well otherwise and doing a PhD would just be more of a financial burden. Since PhD programs have the same hesitation about me, it's now more affirmative that I shouldn't pursue a PhD.
  4. Feels like I just wrote that myself. I also just got my rejection notification from them and I'm 3/3 on the rejections. Now just waiting on 5 more. I didn't have interviews anywhere though. I didn't realize my application was THAT weak...
  5. They told me they hoped to notify people by end of the month. Yes, I agree. March seems late considering we have to commit in April...
  6. I checked my spam and the portal since it seems like this has happened to quite a few people. My status still says "submitted" ahhh. The wait is agonizing!
  7. Anyone apply Pharmacoepi for UNC? It seems like decisions for the Epi department are starting to come out. I was told they'd be done notifying applicants by beginning of March.
  8. My decision was posted in MyPath for JHU (Epi). I did not get an e-mail notification. It seems like a lot of people's decisions are up. Rejected: Emory, JHU Heard nothing from: BU, Brown, UNC, Columbia, Berkeley, UCLA I'm definitely feeling disappointed with myself. I knew I wasn't the "perfect" applicant with the best numbers or publications, but I thought I would at least get a few interviews and 1 acceptance. It's looking I'm on the path for 8/8 rejections.
  9. Congratulations! Did you interview? I haven't heard anything from them since I applied, so I'm assuming it's a dragged out rejection :(.
  10. Did you get invited to their prospective student day? I didn't so I'm assuming they're just waiting until the end of the month to send my rejection notification.. bahhh.
  11. Pharmacoepidemiology. At JHU, I applied under "General & Methodology" track since pharmacoepi was under this.
  12. Anyone else still not hear from ANYWHERE for Epi? So far: Rejection: Emory No word from: UNC Chapel Hill, UCLA, Berkeley, BU, Brown, JHU, Columbia I'm starting to think this application cycle was a complete bust for me...
  13. I applied to the General Epi and Methodology track at Hopkins. Haven't heard anything...
  14. I am also wondering this and expecting the worst. I have heard nothing except for a rejection. I asked Berkeley if they conduct interviews for PH PhDs and I was told it was on a case by case bases.
  15. To be honest, I would choose to concentrate in Epi or Biostats and for the elective courses, take the community health courses you are interested in. I concentrated in EHS for my MPH, which is a much more specific topic than Epi or Biostats. A more general concentration with a strong foundation in quantitative skills will give you more job opportunities. Now, when I apply to jobs, I generally leave my concentration off my resume. None of the jobs I've had since graduating with my MPH have been EHS related, but rather analytical.
  16. I'm also Epi and I haven't heard a peep from them either.. besides several emails telling me they couldn't find (but they found it again.. oh but they didn't again.. oh but they found it again) my supplemental app the past 1-2 weeks. That itself has been making really really nervous.
  17. Me neither (besides a generic rejection email). It's only mid January, so don't worry yet. Same thing I'm telling myself hahaha!
  18. Hmm thanks for sharing! I am wondering if they review what they deem to be "weaker" applicants later and then send rejections late on. I hope this isn't the case. It's only mid January so I guess I should not panic yet. Besides a generic rejection email from Emory, I haven't heard anything from the 8 programs I applied to :(.
  19. It seems like a lot of people have already heard back from UNC Epi for interview requests and some even have acceptances. UNC was my first choice and I haven't heard anything. I'm assuming it' a no go for me.
  20. I haven't heard anything either besides emails asking me if I filled out the UCLA application too (which I did). I forwarded the receipts I got and was told all was well. Then I got another email saying they still couldn't find it.... and then another email saying they found it again.
  21. They all have confirmed that they received my application and have started reviewing, but I guess I'm paranoid that not having the "Verified" status is looked down upon.
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