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  1. artibasos

    UCSD GPS 2018

    PhD student here, but I spend some time at GPS. As far as I know, TAships are fairly rare for GPS students - econ/poli sci have their own grad students - but I do know people on RAships.
  2. artibasos

    2017-18 Cycle Profiles and Advice Thread

    Type of Undergrad Institution: very small elite tech school Majors/Minors: Physics Undergrad GPA: 2.9 Type of Grad: MS, physics Grad GPA: 3.56, 4.0 in social science classes GRE: 169 V 168 Q 5.5A Any Special Courses: first-year PhD courses in political science at top 10 school, some policy school classes Letters of Recommendation: big name conflict prof, two political science profs at top 10 school, physics adviser Research Experience: a metric fuckton of theoretical astrophysics research. So, no relevant research. Teaching Experience: none Subfield/Research Interests: conflict, methods RESULTS: PM me for specifics if curious. Acceptances ($$ or no $$): UC Davis ($$), UCSD ($$), NYU ($$), RAND ($$), IHEID (MA), Columbia (MA) Waitlists: none Rejections: HKS, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Chicago Harris, Stanford, Berkeley econ, MIT econ Going to: honestly, I have no idea Lessons learned: don't get nearly die during undergrad, get half a PhD in physics and then decide to become a political scientist? or do; I mean, I got into some respectable schools, though I did aim a bit high.
  3. artibasos

    Graduate Institute Fall 2018

    from admissions: "Please check your application online on the 15th of March"
  4. artibasos

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    I know! I have a conflicting final that the prof won't let me reschedule (I've tried).
  5. artibasos

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    Has anyone who got into NYU heard from POIs? I have not and I find it moderately concerning...
  6. artibasos

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    Same, but IR.
  7. artibasos

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    Her. There is not particularly, though I am clearly interested in quant-heavy subjects & methods.
  8. artibasos

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    I did submit a 25 page theoretical physics paper for mine. It appears to have received... mixed reactions. (for context: field-switching physicist; this was encouraged by several professors, because it's my best original research. I also submitted a supplemental political science essay.)
  9. artibasos

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    So I guess that’s a no from MIT, judging by the results page.
  10. artibasos

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    I’m at 4/14 and am also slowly losing my mind.
  11. artibasos

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    Interesting to hear from people that would choose NYU over Columbia. I am in the opposite position - where I am obsessively checking to see if Columbia has announced. NYU was a last-second addition to my list - love the quantiness, less happy about NYU housing options* - and I got in somehow? i am currently living in fear that the January Yale and Columbia admits were real and that’s all they’re going to accept. * lesson from two years in a physics PhD program: do not underestimate how much housing matters to your general well-being
  12. artibasos

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    In @ NYU, Princeton rejection. 3a/0w/1r/10p
  13. artibasos

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    In @ UCSD, standard financial package. I am Relieved. (edit: I also already go here, so if you have UCSD questions, PM me.)
  14. artibasos

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    Now to wait for UCSD... (1a/0r/1 shadow reject (Princeton)/12p.)

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