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  1. jbc568

    Fall 2021

    Hope Columbia admits are paying attention to the strike rn!
  2. jbc568

    Fall 2021

    Admissions is already a ton of work for administrators. Just wait it out!
  3. jbc568

    Fall 2021

    Neither does interviews to my knowledge. Acceptance letters usually come out in the first half of February. The longer you're waiting the less likely you were accepted.
  4. Descriptive =/= prescriptive. This statement isn't intended to reflect the poster's personal beliefs--which you probably realize.
  5. It's easy to look in from the outside and fantasize about living the PhD life, but you'd be wise to not dismiss what current students are saying as "gatekeeping." I'm about halfway through a PhD at a, maybe the, top program and every day think about the years of proper income and career growth opportunities I'm missing out on. I was very educated going into the process, and there are things you simply can't know unless you're in a program. Friends at other of the top 5 programs corroborate this. Apply if you have an outside stream of income, but it should be a red flag that well-funded program
  6. ^ This. While there are some slight errors in facts, the overall sentiment is true. I'm in a program that should be in an ideal spot to support students throughout this pandemic, and it's no cakewalk. I can't imagine what it's like elsewhere.
  7. If you can't name a single journal it's unlikely anything you write would be accepted to "the best."
  8. Depends on your field. Faculty at most programs have online profiles, and it would probably be helpful to read them. At Harvard, Carrie Lambert-Beatty does contemporary, and Sarah Lewis does work on photography. Neither is an "equivalent" to Robin Kelsey. It's unclear if Benjamin Buchloh is still accepting students.
  9. Seconded. Just because that population doesn't overlap with the one @kat101 mentioned (SMU, CUNY, etc) doesn't mean it does not exist.
  10. Michigan is a great program, although not mine. People in top programs are usually very collegial. To the original poster: feel free to reach out to students in the programs you're looking at who share your interests. Many will be happy to talk to you and won't bog you down with condescending "advice".
  11. LOL don't take their advice. Speaking as someone currently enrolled in a top program, I can assure you that none of my peers agree with anything this user says.
  12. jbc568

    Fall 2018

    A word of caution: I have observed a few application rounds on these forums. Often it's the people spewing information with the most authoritative tone who get rejected from every program they apply to. It seems that admission to humanities programs often depends on the unquantifiable aspects of an application, and stats mean next to nothing. Also, remember that your fellow applicants are not experts. Why not direct your questions about admission to the faculty members who will be writing your letters of recommendation?
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