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  1. Thank you so much for your reply! My interests are in 20th century poetry such as Elizabeth Bishop and James Merill, and in poetry during the aids crisis. I am also interested in queer studies, gender studies, and Virginia Woolf. UConn seems to have a lot of faculty in the areas that I am interested in, but I worry because it is ranked 77th, which seems fairly low. I lean towards it because the placements look good and the faculty shares my interests. thoughts?
  2. Hello, I have been accepted to a partially funded MA at Boston College, a PhD at UConn with full funding, and a PhD at UOregon with full funding (all in English Literature). Would it make sense to take the MA as a way to up my chances at a better school for a PhD later? What do you think of the placement records of UConn and UOregon? How much do you think ranking matters in this process? I see the UO is ranked higher, but to me, it looks like UConn might have better placements. Any advice is greatly appreciated! thank you, Lindsey
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