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  1. Anyone receive any further info from Berkeley? I saw there was something like one admit and a couple rejections, but it seems like they all came from inquiring w/ POIs, rather than official correspondence from the department/grad studies. Thanks!
  2. @Manuscriptess I'm in CA and have had friends hear as late as 6-7 PM west coast time, FYI. Not positive about other CA schools, but evening is fair game for the UC's so far this cycle it seems.
  3. pim81590

    Good deal?

    @pudewen Yeah, there's a pretty big grad student/post-doc union, so that's definitely a huge part of it.
  4. pim81590

    Good deal?

    @Manuscriptess Hi--I'm not yet enrolled in a PhD program, but I had dental and vision even for my Master's program, as did everyone else in various other programs at the same school (including M.A. and PhD students)...so I think it really depends on who the school partners with for insurance. Either way, hope you get yours included wherever you decide to go!
  5. Just received my first decision--accepted at UC Santa Cruz with nomination for a fellowship! Area is Atlantic World--no word from the other UC's I applied to yet--if anyone else is going to the recruitment events in April, send me a message! Good luck to everyone waiting for news today!
  6. Hi all- Just received my first official decision: accepted to UC Santa Cruz (area is Early Modern/Atlantic World) and nominated for a fellowship! I know there's at least one other person I've seen on here who interviewed and was invited to the recruitment days in April as well. Send me a message if you see this! Good luck to everyone waiting to hear news today and hopefully all of our waiting is over soon!
  7. @lordtiandao Have not heard anything (good or bad) from Berkeley and neither has anyone else I know who applied.
  8. @AnUglyBoringNerd congrats on hearing from UCSB and Chicago. For UCSB, did you apply to History or to the East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies program? Thanks for updating the forum with your results!
  9. @Ragu Thank you so much for posting! I hadn't heard of Berkeley doing a waitlist before, which is why it was weird to me--thank you for clarifying your contact with the department. Good luck on all your apps!
  10. @lordtiandao thanks for getting back to me. Congrats on your acceptances and good luck with the rest of your apps!
  11. @DGrayson yeah--that waitlist result seemed super weird to me--you're right, they must have directly asked someone. Hoping we hear everything (both good and bad news...) within the next week or so. Good luck with your apps!
  12. @lordtiandao thanks for the heads-up re: UCLA. Have you heard anything from Berkeley yet? I was surprised no acceptances or rejections were sent today.
  13. @ashiepoo72 I got my M.A. in Art History at Davis and also currently still live in Davis! I applied to several UC's--had an interview earlier this week from UCSC that went well (I think) and am waiting to hear from others, especially from UCSB. I know things change year to year, but do you know if they are the type to interview then do a recruitment visit--or just notify about acceptance/rejection a bit later in the cycle without a lot of interviews/visits/etc? Thanks for all your help and nice to see a fellow Davisite on here
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