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  1. Safe to assume all acceptances have been sent out?
  2. I was responding to a number of previous posts on admission prospects in the cycles to come. Whatever I wrote contained no normative evaluations.
  3. True (and tragic) story. However, I have heard these words come out of our Chancellor's mouth here at Vanderbilt: "We want the History program to be slimmer and meaner." And this was pre-covid. Our cohorts are coming down from a long-standing average of 10 to about 3-5.. and staying there. I am picking up similar stories from many other R1 institutions. In other words, admissions WILL continue to be this rough. Do count on it.
  4. Vanderbilt has just extended 7 offers for its freshly overhauled doctoral program. Feel free to reach out; I am an ABD in Modern Europe.
  5. First third of February - applicants a) are rejected (usually via snail mail), b) asked to provide transcripts, OR c) hear nothing, which seems to have been a very good sign in years past. The lucky 60 and their alternates (out of this year's pool of some 1100, or so I hear) will be notified in April. Best of luck!
  6. Vanderbilt sent out the complete set of offers earlier today. Congrats to those admitted!
  7. Vanderbilt may well not be a first tier program (however one defines "first tier"), but they have had graduates able of landing tenured positions at R1 institutions. In addition to Pablo Gomez at UWM, I know of three scholars who had obtained their PhDs at Vandy and have been tt-ed at Texas Arlington, Michigan State, and Colorado Boulder.
  8. I believe someone has already posted that they would not be releasing final decisions before early March. How about Brown? Any info on that front?
  9. Thank you! I am certain I will be very proud as soon as I have figured out what on earth is going on. Not sure if I mentioned it somewhere else, but I am at the intersection of modern intellectual and 19th-century Balkans.
  10. Just received wonderful news from Nashville. Accepted into Vandy's program, fellowship and all. Plus, they want to fly me in from half across the globe for a meet-and-greet. Surreal! Good luck to everyone who took a shot at Vanderbilt.
  11. We're in the same boat. My POI set up a Skype call a month ago and there's been radio silence ever since. I thought having been accepted into one of my top choices would render the waiting game less agonizing. As it turns out, it hasn't. Hope to hear from NYU, whatever the outcome, soon. Could anyone say when Brown might send out their final decisions?
  12. I was just about to take my nap before SB LII (kickoff half an hour after midnight in my neck of the woods) when I received a very cordial interview invitation from CUNY GC. It seems I'll have to rely on the ensuing adrenaline rush to keep me through the night. Considering that a waiting list has already been formed, am I to assume that my conversation with the Admissions Committee Chair and the POI will be the ultimate deciding factor? Has anyone following this thread ever been interviewed at/by CUNY GC? Working on my applications, I could not have imagined it would get so real...
  13. Congrats! I hope you'll make it. I, too, applied there, but haven't heard anything yet. Would you mind saying who contacted you? At least one person seems to have been offered an interview...
  14. Anyone heard from CUNY Graduate Center? I noticed one fellow traveler posted about being wait-listed earlier today.
  15. Thanks! Hope to work with Maria Todorova, whom I singled out as a potential supervisor in my SoP. Also mentioned Hitchins, Randolph, Steinberg, and Cuno; they were all cc'd in the e-mail I got from DGS.
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