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  1. Ragu

    Applications 2019

    North Carolina, particularly the Research Triangle where Duke and UNC are both located, is a wonderful place to live. @Karou I would check out the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill thread in the city guide section if you're interested in learning more about the area from afar.
  2. Ragu

    Applications 2019

    @Nicator, @fortsibut, @elx I submitted a 2 page single spaced SOP to Cornell last cycle and was admitted to the program.
  3. Research Triangle Park in Durham has a ton of BT/Biomed companies but I'm not as familiar with LA so you could be right that the area around USC has more
  4. Durham is a really pleasant place to live. Low cost of living for a college town. The food in Durham is phenomenal. Lots of cultural events like arts/theater/bars. Chapel Hill and Raleigh are also nearby with lots to offer. Cary, North Carolina (nearby) has a large Indian population if that is important to you.
  5. Hi all. Has anyone been accepted by Harvard American Studies yet? Also, those who’ve heard anything (either accepted, waitlisted, or rejected) it would be great to know how were you notified? Thanks!
  6. Ragu

    Writing Style Recommendations

    It’s absolutely my plan to use my PhD like Philippa Gregory haha ?
  7. Northwestern doesn’t require the GRE
  8. Ragu

    Boston University History?

    Any insights about Nina Silber as an advisor?
  9. Ragu

    Fall 2018 Applicants

    Looks like Princeton may be gearing up for another Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre...granted there were a few Valentine’s Day acceptances last year too lol
  10. Ragu

    Doubts and Alternatives

    @TheHessianHistorian Also wondering if you could talk a bit about your work as a professional genealogist and marketing/grant-writing professional?
  11. Ragu

    Doubts and Alternatives

    Wondering if anyone has any insights about going from history to publishing?
  12. Ragu

    Doubts and Alternatives

    I can’t upvote anymore today but I agree with this.
  13. Ragu

    Doubts and Alternatives

    I agree with this. The style of writing and type of thinking required in the legal writing I’ve had to do at work is pretty different from academic writing though. So someone who is burnt out with academic writing might enjoy certain types of legal research/writing.
  14. Ragu

    Doubts and Alternatives

    Yea I think that is the case generally and anecdotally the people I know who’ve had federal clerkships easily got jobs in firms after.

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