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  1. I'll be attending for the M.P.P. as well! Looking forward to meeting you all.
  2. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone could offer insight on career services for MPA/MPP students at the University of Washington's Evans School and Georgetown's McCourt School -- specifically, how well-networked each is in New York. I currently live in the city, and hope to return here after graduation, but it seems that graduates of each school tend to stay nearby (in Seattle and D.C., respectively). I assume the Georgetown name would carry more weight on the East Coast, though I have no hard data to back up that intuition. (NYU Wagner would have been my first choice, but no funding makes things difficult. Results are pending from Columbia SIPA, though my video essay was not anywhere near what it should have been.) Thanks for any advice you may have!
  3. I did a little digging on the website, and it seems that "scholarships awarded for the first year of study are renewable at the same amount for the second year of study contingent on satisfactory academic progress." (The placement of that disclaimer could suggest this applies only to partner scholarships, though the wording makes that seem unlikely.)
  4. Hey! Just got the admission/fellowship email today, so at least some decisions are out.
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