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  1. got a notification from DGS of Cambridge...still no official one
  2. I haven't got anything from Oxford politics, does it mean that I am rejected?
  3. seems that Cornell has released interview invitations
  4. Have you got any news from social thought? or your POI from social thought?
  5. Thanks...I just wonder anyone with political theory subfield got admitted here
  6. Anyone hear back from Princeton? Historically, now it's the time for those who are admitted to receive the informal emails...
  7. I also applied to CST this year. It's great that you can have the chance to talk with the professors directly. I tried to contact some of them by email but no responses.
  8. thank you very much soliloquy! That’s very helpful. By the way, in general how many percent students will pass the interview?
  9. What will Cambridge interviewers ask? anyone hear from Yale?
  10. I have seen someone posted his Harvard acceptance from POI. I emailed Harvard and they said they are in the midst of reviewing. So the posters’ POI knew the result in advance?
  11. Hi! Has anyone applied to the Committee on Social Thought this year? Any news?
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